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Tweet Wordpress Plugin for Wordpress

You can use the WP to Twitter plugin to do this. Take a look at this collection of the best Twitter plugins for Wordpress. Click better to tweet With this plugin you can simply generate your own contents for your reader. The text chosen is accentuated with a short code and made weableable. For this plugin you can send pull-requests in our plugin script named Griffin recipe.

Many thanks to Andrew Norcross @norcross for helping to make the plugin v4.0 even better, with improvements to the Visual Editor buttons.

You can' accuse him of anything for the other cipher! Select the Plugins option from the list on the right. Once the plugin has been loaded, enable it. In order to have the plugin installed by FTP manually: Unzip the better-click-to-tweet archive. zip'. Select the Plugins option from the list on the right. Once the plugin has been loaded, enable it.

In order to have the plugin reinstalled by FTP: Unzip the better-click-to-tweet archive. zip'. What does Better Click To Tweet do? better click to tweet allows you to customize nice click to tweet checkers in your blogs entries. After you have the plugin up and running, click on the Preferences button to enter your user name and store the preferences.

Wherever you want to add a Click to Tweet offer, use a speed dial in the format[bctt tweet="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"], which replaces the xxxxxxxxxxxxx with your Tweet Table offer. Please launch a separate technical release for further information or explanations. better click to tweet gives you the highest possible number of possible tweets. Tweeters forward each and every hyperlink via its own unique short form design (you might recognise t. co as the domains they use).

There are 117 remaining chars after the tweet address that you can use to create your tweet. Also, even a hyperlink that is led through your tweet bit.ly or a yourls.org installation is still led through t.co in the tweet. is 0, my plugin works with shortening-URL plugins to use this performance if you wish.

There are several different plug-ins in the offical repository to modify this shortcut to another via other external service. Combining these plug-ins with mine, your Better Click To Tweet speakers can now show a clickable click. From the Better Click To Tweet preferences page, just select the checkmark that indicates that you want to use the briefURL and save your changes.

I' ve tried my plugin with the following and will do my best to keep this page up to date: When you encounter problems where my plugin does not work with a particular shortcut, run a help threads and add a shortcut to the other plugin. I' m actively involved in the supportforums and patch the plugin.

"{\a6} "Better Click To Tweet" is open, downloadable open code download. This plugin has been created by the following persons. Improvement - Some changes to make the plugin work well with the new textbox. I' d like to hear about any such weirdness in the supportforums. Sicherheits-Fix - possible XSS weakness on the preferences page.

Caused some mistakes for users. fix - Added coding in 5. 2 confused the "via" checkbox with the optional not to embed it. Fixes this. Safety Fix - Creates (more) escape routes throughout the plugin. Many thanks to Paul de Wouters from HumanMade for the PR! improvement - I added a very useful note to the plugin page after the upgrade that encourages users to buy my PR! plugin.

But before it seemed a little like someone was taking it with a club. Improvement - several actionshooks added to the setup page. That gives third parties the opportunity to put things on this page without chopping the kernel stuff. Extension - made the frontend style de-queuing feature DRYer. Modification - the prior way (version 4.9) I had been filtering was to throw PHP alerts when I was using them, so I implemented an option-based approach to never de-queuing them in advance.

Also, this methodology will also smooth the way for the most thrilling fix (for me) in the Better Click To Tweet history: paving the way for our changes - the first ever feature add-on (Premium Styles) - and make some changes to the preferences page to make it easier. 1 ) Don't present the options to people who already use the customized style sheet by using the http://benlikes. us/7r utility manual or by dequeuing the style sheet with this tool http://benlikes. us/bcttgist1 (2) Present the options to buy customized style in a non-leazy way.

Uh, imagine the ability for my ten thousand lucky user to get me to spend something. Improvement - added a "prompt" short code attribut so you can't modify the words "Click To Tweet" per speaker. This is a great opportunity for style designers to be able to add style to theme. The chip class has been made editable so that other designers don't detest me when they try to expand the plugin.

You just have to rely on me. The translator's name has been taken out of the "description" as they are now processed by formal linguistic packages, and the recognition where necessary has been complex. Updates throughout the backend of the plugin to provide me with cash for those who are into that.

Call to https://givewp. com for the SWEET donations integrate on my site. The possibility to modify the "via" addition by using a checkbox has been added with the new short code property "username". Standard behaviour is (still) the use of the user name you stored on the preferences page. Now, if you have a @KanyeWest comment, your Better Click To Tweet checkbox can be added to your reader's tweet "via @KanyeWest" automaticly! Made some changes to the tools bar dialog in the visible editors to make the new ├Żusername├Ż feature easier, avoid confusing and create a lot of fun.

Nothing is displayed for those who have a full (+90%) translated text. However, for those who do not have a full version, they are encourage to help with the work! Now the Click to Tweet checkbox is displayed as

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