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Theme for Wordpress deinstallation

WordPress. Deleting the WordPress Theme Describes how to use a WordPress Dashboard and FTP client to clear the design you have already created. Removal of the theme via a WordPress Dashboard. Go to your WordPress Dashboard and go to Appearance > Themes. Because you cannot discard an existing theme, you must first enable the Standard WordPress theme (Twenty Fourteen) to be able to discard a necessary theme.

To see the detail, click the disabled theme and click the Clear icon in the bottom right hand corner. Click the design you want to remove. Your design is now successfully removed: Click on the Cherry Framework that has been disabled to view and clear its detail. In the lower right hand corner, click the Clear icon. Also your Cherry Framework is now successfully deleted.

You can also use your FTP client to remove an existing design. Use the FTP Client to login to your FTP client and open the WordPress install directory. Remove both your Topic and your Firefox Framework directories. Erase all plug-ins from your system to remove Cherry. Now your topic is successfully removed via the FTP client.

This is how to remove an existing WordPress theme

I will show you in this article how to erase a WordPress theme. Sometimes you can erase an existing design to create another more beautiful one. Don't worry, you can erase any WordPress theme in a few moments. You have two options for deleting a topic - in your WordPress administration area and via the FTP client.

How to clear the WP theme from the WordPress administrator or dashboard: Navigate to Corporate Identities in the navigation bar on the right and click on Topics. Find the topic you want to unsubscribe. How to use the FTP client to erase a WordPress theme: Launch the FTP client and use your FTP logon information to register with your hostingserver.

Browse to the directory where WordPress is located. Use one of the above techniques to clear a WordPress theme that is creating a problem or that you no longer want to keep in the WordPress directory. Hopefully you have found this Tutorial helpful on how to removing a WordPress theme.

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