Wordpress Update Option

The Wordpress Update Option

The update_option() function is used to update a named option/value pair in the options database table. Essentially, the Options API is an API that allows us to interact with the database table wp_options. $wpdb WordPress database abstraction object. Refreshes the value of an option that has already been added. Adding sites to sync with a click Manage your WordPress sites with Sync has now become even easier.

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The update_option () command is used to update a specified option/value set in the option databank tables. You can use this feature instead of add_option, although it is not so versatile. update_option checks if the option already is there. Otherwise, it is added with add_option('option_name','option_value').

If you don't need to specify the add_option () option's option argument, update_option() is a useful tool for setting and refreshing option values. BOOLLEAN x VALID if the option value has modified, VALID if not, or if the update fails. Update_option ('default_comment_status','closed'); This option is usually selected from the Settings > Discussion admin panel. 2.

It is also possible to customize your own settings. In order to update the'myhack_extraction_length' option with the value 255, we would do the following: update_option('myhack_extraction_length', 255 ); this will cause the option to be added if it does not exists. But if we don't want this option to be loaded auto-, we have to append it with add_option().

This example updates the option if it already existed, and if it doesn't, we use add_option() and change $autoload to "no".

When you change an option outside the Options-PI, try to update an option that is already buffered, this fails the update and returns False.

To clear the option box before attempting to retrieve or update the option for the same requirement, you can use the following method: get or update option () update_option () located within wp-includes/option.php.

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