Wordpress Update Translations

Worldpress Update Translations

else { <- add this print_r ( $updates) ; } add the else-case and save the file. reload the dashboard page and you will get the desired information. If I click on "Update translations", nothing happens.

winter languages update

Refreshes the language installation for kernel. Preview which translations to update. Successfully update the translated text. 1/1 translated and revised. --ssh= [:][@][:][]Perform an action against a distant host via SSH (or a host with the schema "docker", "docker-compose", "vagrant"). Skip plugins[=]Skip the load of all plugs or a comma-separated listing of plugs. skip themes[=]Skip downloading all topics or a comma-separated listing of topics.

PackagesSkip does not load all package (s) that have been loaded. --prompt [=]Ask the operator to specify a value for all instruction argument (s) or a substring specified as combated value. In order to update or append an example, please send a drop inquiry to the appropriate part of the code base.

Updating - How can I update translations manual?

I recently updated a Wordpress page to the latest WP 3.9 release. Unfortunately, WP's automated upgrading capabilities are not fully compliant with the servers this site is hosted on, so I have to do it manual. One thing that bothered me was that I still have a 1 in the dashboard that tells me there's an update.

If I look through the detail, everything is empty except the "Translations" section at the bottom of the page. Can I update them by hand? Checking the "languages" directory in "wp-content" and making sure it contains only the new WP archives. So, apparently the simple thing was that I forgot to load the new wp-content/languages directory that came with the new WP release.

According to the French document, it is recommended not to load the wp-content directory during the upgrading procedure (as it contains all your private files), so I ignored this one. Same as the @wp_quick_and_dirty fix, but without kernel file manipulation. Remember: "Available translations" ;, ); "" ;'core_upgrade_preamble','translation_updates_list'); Not the response you are looking for?

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The Wordpress administration page always displays 1 update of the translations, but nothing should be updated.

This update is fine, but it keeps coming back and showing that it is not being upgraded. Can I know what the true cause is? I' d like to apply for provisional permission (wp-admin and FTP) to your website in order to better understand the problem. Any information you input is personal, which means that only you and I can see it.

While I won't make any changes that concern the site itself, it's still good practise to secure the site before we get to it. Our policy regarding data protection and accessing your data is rigorous. - It is important to make a back-up of the site data and data base before granting us permission. The problem you are currently encountering seems to be actually related to the WordPress kernel.

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