Wordpress Upgrade without Ftp

Upgrade Wordpress without Ftp

The WordPress will only ask you for your FTP connection information when you try to install plugins or a WordPress update if it cannot write directly to /wp-content. Yes, most of the themes I have use them to allow you to update the theme from the WordPress Dashboard. WordPress plugins without FTP access installed The WordPress will only ask you for your FTP connectivity information when you try to download plug-ins or a WordPress fix if it cannot directly type into /wp-content. Otherwise, if your web servers have writing permission to the necessary data, they will take automatic responsibility for updating and installing it. No FTP/SFTP or SSH account is required for this approach, but it requires that you have specified rights to your web servers.

WorldPress will try to create a temp files in the /wp-content folder. When it does, it will compare the property of the filename with its own unique ID, and if there is a matching, it will allow you to use the "direct" way to install plug-ins, topics, or upgrades. If for some reasons you do not want to depend on the auto scan for which you should use the filing system methods, you can specify in your wp-config.php a ''FS_METHOD'' constants that is either''direct'''ssh',''ftpext'' or''ftpsockets' and uses the prefix.

Note that if you select "direct", but your web users (the name under which your web servers runs) do not have correct writing privileges, you will get an issue. To prevent your web site from having writing privileges for wp-content, if you do not want (or cannot) modify its privileges, please include this in the wp-config.php file:

While this can be done via SSH, FTP, and your own Web site controls, we strongly suggest that you input the FTP login information each times you attempt to deploy or upgrade a plug-in. Your web browsers can save the servers and login information to speed up the installation of plug-ins and only require one additional click.

Is it possible to upgrade a WordPress topic without FTP connection?

Depending on whether the topic is available in the http://WordPress.org repository or not. Otherwise, you must have a design that allows a straight forward upgrade from its "source" page, most payed designs or designs outside the http://WordPress.org-Site site do not have this degree of refinement yet, so you will most likely need FTP ingress.

Yeah, most of the topics I have use them to allow you to refresh the topic from the WordPress Dashboard. In order to refresh a topic, just go to Lookup, Topics and when the topic is available and updated, you will be notified. When you have an upgrade available, just click Upgrade. Log in to your desktop as an administrator and do this:

When you think you are updating an existing Wordpress topic and want to load new data into the plug-in folder, then you need FTP connection. 1. you can fetch the latest fix manual and use your cPanel filename browser to up-load it. You should be able to upgrade it if you already have it on your computer while updating WordPress yourself - via the dashboard.

If you are an admin, you can also submit topics.

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