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How do I upload the page that you FTP or upload the control panel? Once you've successfully created the folder, you'll need to open it and click the Upload button on the top menu to select and upload the Zip file that you previously created on your computer. WorPress generates HTML from PHP files. How to upload a file to a page. From the Upload/Paste menu, select the icon for the file type you want to upload and the "Add media files from your computer" page appears.

Uploading HTML files to WordPress

Wordprocessor pages are somewhat more complex than pages created with HTML alone, because the source code for them is PHP. You may, however, need to upload a complete HTML page to your WordPress page in order, for example, to move pages from another HTML page without uploading them to the regular mail client or to check with third parties whether you are the site owners.

You can upload an HTML document to the WordPress media library in such cases. Login to your WordPress administration area. Locate and click on "Media Library" from the dropdown list on the far right, then click on "Add New". In the displayed display, click on " Choose Files ". You will see a dialog box where you can search your computer for the HTML files you want to upload.

Browse the document, click once, and then click Open in the bottom right hand corner. Click Open. Please allow the uploaded files to start, which should not take long for a regular HTML-document. Notice that WordPress returns an Error if the HTML that you want to upload is empty. For example, if you only need to upload an HTML that has a specific filename to check that you are the site owner, enter the following in the filename before you upload it:

Copying and pasting the filename found next to the Filename box. It is also possible to fill in the "Title" and "Description" boxes to make it easy to find your submitted files. When the upload monitor does not appear properly in the Media Library, this may be because you do not have the latest Flash installation up.

In case you cannot download Flash for some reasons, use the "Browser Uploader" at example.com/wp-admin/media-new.php?flash=0 -- substitute "example.com" with the address of your blogs.

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