Wordpress Upload Theme without Ftp

Upload Wordpress theme without Ftp

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Wordpress and Wordpress user can download plug-ins and topics without FTP login information.

Occasionally, with a new Wordpress setup, if you want to use a new design or plug-in, you will notice that Wordpress asks for FTP login information. If you want to directly deploy the theme or plug-in without Wordpress having to supply an FTP account and passcode, modify the config.php files and insert this line: define('FS_METHOD','direct'); if you still can't directly deploy and Wordpress continues to ask for FTP login information, make sure that the wp-content directory is writeable for the www account or the account managing your Apache or Nginx servers.

Updating WordPress without FTP and without it

It is important that you keep your WordPress and associated plug-ins up to date as often as possible. Visiting the site, I knew immediately that their WordPress install was compromised. The people were horrified when they said that their secure privileges, such as folder and filename privileges on their servers, were write-protected.

That can be an advantage for the security of your website, but it has also stopped them from simply upgrading their WordPress installations and plug-ins. In my opinion, this is a larger problem than folder and folder privileges. In some cases, you may not be able to update/update your WordPress and plug-ins to a newer release without specifying your FTP connectivity information.

It is a frequent problem where the WordPress system cannot directly type into the /wp-content file. Yesterday evening I was up long and forgotten to ask the FTP login information request. Now, I've found a secure work-around that allows them to keep their directories privileges and refresh their website.

Normally there are two ways to resolve this problem. For WordPress to recall, you must specify the FTP detail in your wp-config.php files. You can also grant WordPress read privileges to your /wp contents directory by using the FTP root to change the CHMOD to 775 instead of the defaults 755 and 644.

Or, in my case --> there's an easy way to handle it, though; by specifying the FS_METHOD constants in your wp-config.php config tree. Bypass WordPress's repeated prompt requests and allow automatic updating of your documents. Add the following to your wp-config.php binary, preferrably directly under any other line of your wp-config.php binary. define('FS_METHOD','direct'); If you have already inserted the single-line binary, you can upload it to your WordPress home directory on your web site, and it should work immediately.

The upload can be done directly from your webserver.

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