Wordpress Vantage Premium

Worldpress Vantage Premium Premium

The Vantage by AppThemes is a high-quality, industry-specific WordPress theme for creating a complete online business directory and website. The Vantage is the most popular business directory theme for WordPress. And Sell offers placements with a premium for even more sales. It' s not often that I come across a free WordPress theme that can stand up to a premium theme, but Vantage by SiteOrigin is one that does.


The Vantage is a multi-purpose subject.

Free and premium technical assistance is available in our online forum (http://siteorigin.com/thread/)......

Deluxe Vantage Business Directory WordPress Topic

The Vantage is a high-quality WordPress topic from AppThemes for the Yellow Pages. It' simply a matter of installing, it's really quick to begin posting your company entries. Filled directories with user-generated scores and review, community symbols, customized searching, customized form creation, and Google Maps connectivity offer everything a web site owner might need to simply browse the site.

Vantage also contains user-defined Widget and the AppThemes API (for customization without having to interfere with code).

The Vantage Review from our specialists

The Vantage is a free, high-quality WordPress topic created to be integrated with WooCommerce and Page Builder from SiteOrigin. It is a multi-purpose topic that can be used for blogging, e-commerce websites, portfolio management and more. Check out our Vantage test to learn all about the functionality of this beloved game. The Vantage is a free design created by SiteOrigin, the manufacturer of free, high-quality WordPress topics and plug-ins.

SitOrigin is also the creator of SiteOrigin's Page Builder, a free draft and dropdown plug-in for the WordPress content management system. Whilst Vantage is free, SiteOrigin also provides a premium subscription that provides premium add-on accounts and e-mail technical assistance for all their topics and plug-ins. Premium add-on plug-ins enhance the Page Builder with additional functions, among them:

The Vantage is a fundamental topic with many customization possibilities to change the look and feel of your website, such as font and color. These are the most important Vantage functions. Fully reactive, Vantage is engineered to look good on any large display. You can use the Look " Fit " Layout pull-down menu to customise the look and feel of your website, complete with customisation: website design, website content, etc:

Navigating to Look " Customize " Topic Design lets you select the font styles and colours of your website for every facet of your website: page titles, page titles, page contents, page colours, menue colours, overturning, link styles, Widgets and more. With the Vantage themes and the SiteOrigin Meta-Slider plug-in, you can create a home page slide from the Home screen via the Appearance customize themes preferences menus.

You can also deactivate it here if you want to use a different slide control plug-in. You can select under Corporate Design " Customize " Topic Preferences " Blogs whether you want your blogs to be displayed by default, with small circles from your presented pictures, or as a raster with thumbnails.

And Vantage is also engineered to work well with the WooCommerce plug-in, so you can quickly and simply setup your own shop now. Design has built-in style to make your product look good and harmonize with the rest of the design. Once Vantage is installed and activated, you will be asked to download some SiteOrigin plug-ins:

WebsiteOrigin CSS, SiteOrigin Page Builder and SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle. Each of the three plugs is free and can be downloaded from the WordPress.org folder and works with any topic. The SiteOrigin CMS is a powerful tool that allows you to manage every facet of the look and feel of your website without having to study coding.

SiteOrigin's Page Builder is a powerful tool that lets you visually create, edit, and edit your pages. For more information about this plug-in, please see our Page Builder of SiteOrigin Review. SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle easily extends the Page Builder capabilities so that you can use the powerful SiteOrigin Widgets Viewer to easily create additional kinds of site and post content.

On SiteOrigin's website, there is documented information of every kind concerning the use of its topics and plug-ins. SiteOrigin supports are available to Vantage free topic contributors in the SiteOrigin supports forum, but it may take a few workingdays before a reply is received. SiteOrigin Premium members also have access to personal e-mail technical assistance - not only for the Vantage topic, but for all SiteOrigin topics and plug-ins.

One of the most favorite free topics in the WordPress folder is Vantage. Since it is conceived so that it can be integrated into Page Builder and WooCommerce with ease, it is simple for novices without programming skills to check the detail of their website. However, the adjustment settings may be too granular for some people.

If you are a beginner who wants more complete website management without having to program, have the patience to adjust every detail, and like the look of Vantage themed designs, it can be a good one. We' re giving Vantage four out of five star.

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