Wordpress Venture Theme

Worldpress Venture Theme

A simple, creative theme, Venture is perfect for designers, developers, photographers and other professionals who want to present their work. Set up the statically loaded title page If you enable Venture on a new website, your home page will display postings in a classic blogs style. To use the front page template instead, if you want to make or modify a page, map it to the front page template, and then perform these procedures to make it the home page of the Web site.

There are six customizable parts to the title page template: You can manage all of these title page areas using the theme settings in the customizer. Remember that your title page must be configured to see the title page settings in the customizer (see "Setting up the title page" above).

Otherwise, these items will be disabled. In the Featured Content section of the title page template, you can see a slide show of the post. Contributions are chosen by allocating them a certain day of your choice. Proceed as follows to specify the day to be used for the Featured Content section: Browse to Customizer ? Featured Content.

Enter the day name that you will use for contributions that appear as featured content in the Tagname box. You can use for example the day "featured" or "slideshow". Adds this day to the items you want to view in the Slide Show feature content. You will see the posting caption and the feature image of the posting will be used for the backround.

In order to include such a hyperlink, you can include a More tags to your posting and even adjust the hyperlink text. When the Featured Contents tab is not checked, or when it is not associated with a posting, the Featured Contents pane displays the titles of the titles on the front page and Featured Image instead.

You can use this option section to view an overview of your website. In order to append introducing text to your front page template, type your text into the contents area of the front page in your dashboard: Insert your tutorial text into the Contents pane. When you choose the Featured Page section, you can view one or more pages on your title page template.

You can display a page in full width with the standard layout or two or more pages with the raster layout. If your website has one, the only page that cannot be chosen as a featured page is the Blog Posts page. Standard layout: Allows you to insert a Featured Page:

Go to Theme Options ? Front Page Template in the Customizer: Selected page. From the Featured Page drop-down menu, choose a page. Raster layout: Raster layouts allow you to view several featured pages. Subpages are shown in a raster format on the title page template. Go to Theme Options ? Front Page Template in the Customizer:

Selected page. In the Featured Page box, browse to the page from the drop-down menu. In order to use the raster layouts, the page you have selected must have subpages. Your selected page is not shown in the raster, but all its subpages are shown. For Section layouts, specify a two- or three-column spacing for your mesh.

Every page in the raster layout shows the titles and excerpts. Normally, "Read More" is shown as text for the buttons below the extract, but you can use the More tag to modify it to any name. Current portfolio objects can be shown on the cover page template under an option section name and text.

Perform these procedures to view your cover page templates for your investment portfolios: Go to Theme Options Front Page template in the Customizer: In order to make the section of the portfolios viewable, select Show section of portfolios. In Section heading, type a security for your portfolio section. In Section Contents, specify a short description for your section of the wallet.

Under Number of Contributions to View, specify how many you want to view in this section. View up to five coincidental endorsements on the cover page template. Perform these actions to view casual testimonials: Go to Theme Options ? Front Page Template in the Customizer: Activate Screen Testaments.

In order to view a photograph with each testimonial, simply attach it as a featured image to each testimonial contribution. And you can show your latest blogs on the cover template. Perform these procedures to view the latest entries in the blogs and an option for section names and text: Go to Theme Options ? Front Page Template in the Customizer:

Blogs post. Verify the display of recent blogs. In this section, the standard display is " Recent News " above the post. This can be edited by inserting your own titles in the Section titles text box. In the Contents section, you can type a text that appears above the most recent entries in the blogs. Under Number of Contributions to Display, specify how many contributions you want to display.

If you are creating or editing a page, associate it with the Full Width Page style sheet and click Publish. You have configured the Web Page and Full-Width Web Page templates and they act similarly: Creates or edits a page and assigns it to the raster page style (or full-width raster page style). Raster page templates show all subpages of the currently selected page in a raster.

The raster page template is a two-column raster and the full-width raster page template is a three-column raster. Every page shown in the raster uses its featured image as wallpaper and displays its page heading at the top. The Venture is supplied with two user-defined menus: Principal MenĂ¼ - found in the headline next to the name of your website.

The Venture feature shows automatic symbols of your link to your profile using a menu of available link pages. The Venture shows a side bar when sidebars are associated with the side bar area. Go to topic options in the customizer ? General options. Venture lets you simply browse and browse the list of available products by going to Downloads and adding new products to your existing product list.

Test menus consist of the test manuscript, the person's name and an picture (which can be added as a featured image). Every test specimen is shown in an automatic created test specimen file. The Venture activates the portfolio function and offers you a neat and nice design for your work.

Show all elements of the portfolios in a single page.

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