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Worldpress Video Template

Best WordPress 45+ Video Themes 2018[Updated] Video viewing on line today is enormous, with millions of dollars of videos viewed every single passing day on-line. Of course, YouTube is the biggest video site and many folks make a livelihood by making video and putting it on line for others to see and share. And if you are a video author and want to view your video on your own website, then WordPress is the CMS for you, you can directly post video to WordPress through the Multimedia section, or you can embedded video that' re otherwise host on websites like YouTube and Vimeo.

Using video, you can reach a whole new audiences, for example, if you run a website like a blogs ite or a magazines, you can build a YouTube TV channels and begin production of video that matches your blogs, and they will help you win visitors by showing up in Google results and also in the in-house YourTube browser.

In order to create your website, you need a good WordPress topic in which our ultimative library will be useful for you - we have put together over 50 of the best WordPress video topics for you. They have great looking contemporary design, they are fast reacting and all were developed with video in view.

You can use them to view your own contents or build a website that includes other people's video, some of which even allow you to build your own YouTube rival! One of the most fully-fledged and best crafted video WordPress themes. It' a WordPress topic developed for blogging with mediums like video.

Featuring an smart societal pop-up that displays when a viewers has viewed a video - this topic is the simplest way to build yourself a virtual website. The video topic was developed with the latest web convention in minds and works with all popular web browser. Whether you want to input the number of views either by hand or automatic, moderately user-supplied contents, show/hide video timers and much more - you really have complete command over what will appear on your website.

The Flick WordPress topic is designed for the blogger and allows your website visitors to get the most out of the rich online experience while browsing your site. Its design is characterized by a clear, concise lay-out that lets your contents show through and the medium speaks for itself. Featuring sleek functionality, HTML5 compatibility, and fun mouse-over capabilities, Flick makes the most of any blogs.

With this WordPress topic, you can talk loudness with video without getting in the way of the contents. With Swell you can make fascinating full-screen video wallpapers that will eternally engrave your website in the minds of your bystanders. Get your video blogs site moving with TheMotion, a fully reactive WordPress topic with a uniquely look and feel. Get your video blogs site up and running with TheMotion.

It comes with high quality and sleek colours that make the website look as classy as possible. It also has a nice sliders options and supports translations. TheMotion, which supports your video blog, eliminates the need to care about customer experience. The Video Box is a wonderfully crafted design that aims to host video contents, you can post your own video or incorporate video from YouTube, Vimeo and many other vendors.

It' got a beautiful, clear lay-out with faders and other contents box to present your video contents in a stylish way. The Inspiro is a WordPress photo and video topic with a clear, contemporary and reactive look that's full of the functionality you need for this type of website. There is a full-screen slide show that includes support for self-hosted and embeddable video, a customized home page, a customized galleries and more.

Video ographer topic response WordPress topic is a great topic for video makers, filmmakers, with clear designs and minimum outline. Videographers have a minimalistic look and a portable, cheerful look. With this WordPress topic, you can talk loudness with video without getting in the way of the contents. With Swell you can make fascinating full-screen video wallpapers that will eternally engrave your website in the minds of your bystanders.

VideoTube WordPress Topic is exactly what you would want, a WordPress Topic perfectly suited to embedded video from web pages and present it on your video website. The VideoTube comes with oEmbed and Iframe Embedded capabilities. With VideoTube, video sharing from YouTube, Hulu, Dailymotion and similar web pages is a cakewalk. The " Three-step set-up " lets you quickly and easily set up the Snaptube WordPress topic and have your website up and running to view all the desired fluidity.

With video streaming capabilities, smooth video playback, categorization, and video display, Snaptube turns your website into the video website you always wanted. Ultra quick and simple to use, the Video Records WordPress topic is a great video blogging website for you. Its design has a uniquely designed slide control that allows the user to find and view video by simply moving the slide control back and forth.

Category video in the slide bar and preview other video below let your video fans fell in love with your video blogs. In addition, Video Record was developed on the basis of the Cherry framework, which makes adaptation to customer requirements child's play. Videorecordings come with a variety of customization functions, and you can optimize your website from both the front and back ends without having to write a whole lot of coding.

Clear, concise backgrounds, eye-catching contrast between your video contents and the colour of the wallpaper ensure that the website has a sustainable influence on your audience. Faithful to its name, the video Blog WordPress topic was designed to turn your website into the ultimate video blog. The Video Blogs has a truly original design that distinguishes it from other topics on the web.

Based on the Cherry Framework, the Video Blog is largely adaptable. Designed by pros, Video Blog comes with large tile video mail preview that look uniquely and engaging. An easy, minimalist yet nice topic, the video WordPress topic concentrates on what is most important, the press coverage on your website.

Video content responds to all monitor size and offers an optimal viewing pleasure and can build a notable video blogs that will be appreciated by the user. Really nice WordPress topic developed for video blogs sites, Videographer has a sleek look, but allows you to present your medias in the most stunning way.

Featuring separate page headers at the top, a video categories listing, and a finder, Videographer is ultra reassuring for the eye. Featuring a fully reactive styling to provide your non-stop user experience on any machine, this could be the perfect addition to your idea and website. VideoPro is a premier topic that helps you create a professionally designed website that can rival the best in the industry.

The many customization functions let you set up your website to show all types of items. Their website, made on VideoPro, will look and touch like a real big hit of the match. When you' re looking for a sleek, easy and efficient way to create your video blogs website, Slimvideo is the place for you.

Designed by Touchsize, the premier WordPress developer, Slimvideo offers an appealing and eye-catching homepage look that looks great in every way. The Vlog WordPress topic is devoted to blogging and is characterized by its nice and vibrant desig. It allows you to build a website for a news bulletin or blogs with high-quality video and offers simple user guidance, legibility and browser expertise.

The Vlog also offers a "Watch Later" function, play list assistance, movie modes and other useful functions. The Vlog software allows you to embed video from favourite YouTube, Dailymotion and Hulu tubes to add value to your site. Zeus is a deity among video WordPress themes and will delight your video blogs audience with its layouts, functions and styles.

Supports full-page video playback in the back, an elegantly foldable band for website category and short code supports, Zeus can easily turn your website into a virtual video blogs. The NewsTube WordPress topic was developed with a view to news- and magazines- websites and is a great option if you are about to start a video website.

YouTube NewsTube can simply embedded video and channel from YouTube and oEmbed is supported to export video from Hulu, Vimeo and Dailymotion. The fully reactive themes look stunning on any display as they are Retina Ready. Customize your design with comprehensive design customization features that let you build the website you want without having to write coding.

VideoTouch gives your video blog site a hint of intelligence and sophistication. The WordPress topic is also created by Touchsize, a professional in topic creation, so you know you can count on it. The VideoTouch comes with beautiful tile video preview, searching options and video category to enhance surfing and display.

Spectators can watch the video on your website on any monitor, thanks to the fully attractive layout. So, if you want to build a classic, feature-rich and high-performance video website, think VideoTouch. Moview WordPress theming can give your website the ideal mix for reproducing your favorite news stories and creating a video/film rating website like WMDb or Rotten Thomatoes.

Featuring a professional-looking lay-out and many useful topic enhancements, you can build catalogues of thousands of movies, video books, DVDs, concerts, and more, and a one-stop store where people can learn all about a movies launch, even a video games version. The Moview fully responds to any display area.

Gigawatt's WordPress topic is a huge success on the open source video scene and now it may be one of the few video topics that supports e-commerce. Gigawatt lets you set up an on-line shop with video contents about your product or an on-line shop for video devices where you can present video about video.

Because of the easy but appealing design of the topic it is also a good option for blogs. With Primero, give your trip video or blog site the plus in performance. The WordPress topic includes 3 one-of-a-kind slider choices, limitless colour themes and a help document that contains everything you need to know about the topic.

Minimalist and stylish, Primero should be the first choise for your blogs. With lots of caps simultaneously, Viduze is "the" WordPress word for all your needs. With Viduze you can use WooCommerce, build an on-line shop, start your website with BuddyPress and have a video ad with slide control.

Viduze, with its fully reactive design, is the best way to create your video magazines or video blogs website and even an on-line shop! Truly Mag Wordpress topic is a great option for a video magazin or a video blogs website. Featuring a variety of functions including video transmission, short code assistance, video ads assistance, auto-play, self-hosting video assistance and more, Tru Mag should be the only video WordPress topic you'll ever need.

TrueMag is also SEO-enabled and fast reacting. Video Magazines is the ideal template for a video-blog, a video-magazine, a fancy magazines or even a basic blogging website. Video Magazine's strength is in its styling. It offers you every item of the homepage and sub-pages as a widget, so that you can move them around and create the website according to your wishes.

The fully responsive topic also oEmbed supported by websites like Vimeo, YouTube and Dailymotion and makes it a great bundle. Get your video blog as well as your message website up and running in seconds with the powerful feature of the WordPress topic. Featuring a clear and intelligent design, Solars are fully reactive and are easy to read on any monitor.

It comes with a help manual to help you get the most out of your topic. Betube Video WordPress themed is a pet of a template when it comes to creating a fully featured video website. It has a slide control for video previews and replay, full page width and full width originals, and a fully appealing look.

Betube's themes look highly appealing and stylish in use and you can choose from 10 different homepage themes for your website. Betube's simple customization features let you easily set up your favorite video blogs website in just a few moments. VideoCafe WordPresss is the template you should choose if you want to stream video and want to post a website similar to YouTube.

The Video Cafe allows the user to load their own video files, watch full width video on a large video server, load pictures and other video files and split them. This topic also offers several homepage layout options. GoodWin is an outstanding GT3 related photo and video content game.

The WordPress topic comes with a variety of styles, functions, galleries, and customization choices. GoodWin is designed for the photographer or videographer who wants to take full advantages of the absolutely breathtaking full-page digital signage design. GoodWin's Trial Contents Importer allows you to export all your digital creations from other countries, giving your photographic and video creations the much -needed kick you always wanted.

The Videofly WordPress topic shows you just how easy and stylish it is. However, don't be fooled by the ease, this video blogs topic offers a powerful blow. Videofly lets you create new video, view or embedded video from CRT video sites, and customise the site with many integrated functions.

This topic offers you many different layout options. Videofly is the ideal template for a video log or video-tutorial site. VideoMag WordPress topic revolves around contents and performance. Developed for video magazines and video blogs sites, VideoMag can also be the template of choice creating an on-line video site.

With VideoMag you can easily upload video from common video sites like Twitch, YouTube, Vimeo or even your own video. Design generates automatic thumbnail views from the video. VideoMag can quickly display your video assets by storing the video on your hostingserver. Make your passions known to the rest of the globe with The Passion, a premier WordPress video blogs themed.

Passion is packed with functionality that makes it a good option for video-tutorial portals, video-magazine-websites, corporate-, private- and product-websites. Entrourage is a professional-looking premier WordPress topic designed with film promotion, video start and presentation in view.

However, the fully reactive styling allows Entourage to be used as a template for a wide range of applications. Every videoblog, videographic website or corporate website can profit from using this topic. Like the name implies, Video Warehouse is a perfectly reactive and fully functional application designed for your Video Warehouse website or your on-line video webpage.

Vidmeo was initially designed for video and photography shops and companies, but is now back in a new full-featured and customizable avatar to turn it into the ultimate template for your video blog or video website. The Vidmeo is fully reactive, allowing the user to watch the medium from any machine and in any display area.

It' still a big issue for your company as you can build breathtaking project art gallery to turn spectators into clients. Easy, one of a kind, nice. This is Video Lab Moto CMS for you. The WordPress topic is completely reactive and offers a uniquely designed homepage design to present your project, advertising contents and face-to-face video to people.

Featuring the look and feel of a $1 million website, Video Lab HD Studio has a state-of-the-art video lay-out. This WordPres topic is also fully reactive and ideal for video magazine, video portal and video gallery. Video Lab HD Studio is simple to deploy and customise and can give your video blog or your corporate website an innovative character.

Easy, breathtaking and intelligent, the Visee WordPress topic is all that and more. Easily share your video blogs, business or videographic capers with great news stories and organise them through Visee channel. Visee is a easy but efficient way to address your concerns on-line and supports the latest portable equipment.

The VideoBox is a nice WordPress topic specifically developed for video web sites and video blogs. The VideoBox is completely reactive and its design and functions give you a first-class feel. Featuring video categorization, channels assistance, searching and separated full movie and video category, the VideoBox is the answer to all your video website needs.

Rydon has been described as the largest and most powerfull WordPress topic of the video and is geared towards power. Rydon is specifically engineered for businesses, videographic sites, video art sites, video art sites and video art sites and is fully reactive and can easily process any kind of work. Created from GT3 topics, SOHO is a powerfull and uniquely video WordPress topic that can also be used as a photogallery website.

Its fully reactive functions will allow your audience to always enjoy the contents of your website. SOHO makes colour manipulation, uploading and managing your contents as straightforward as 1-2-3. When all of the above WordPress topics do not captivate your imagination, then look at This Way, a WordPress Topic created with "you" in view.

Designed with CSS3 and HTML5, This Way looks breathtaking from any point of view and the JQuery motion graphics take this template to the next step. It comes with simple customization features, full-screen video and picture wallpapers, and even collaborative links to take your site to the next step.

Featuring a fully reactive WordPress topic, it will delight your audience with its elegant, brilliant, and effective text. It' s panel effect and the well-known credits rolling effect give this topic supremacy and allow it to outperform many other topics on the open world.

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