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Compilation of the best WordPress video themes! View the largest collection of free WordPress videos. Best 27+ Video WordPress Topics 2018 WorldPress is the perfect plattform for the creation of a video website. No matter whether you want to create a web site for your own portfolios to view your own creative works, or whether you need to create a member site that includes proprietary video contents, the topics in this library make it simple to finish both types of projects.

In addition, thanks to the WordPress functionality and its ever-growing libraries of plug-ins and add-ons, if you want to create a video share site similar to YouTube, you can do it quite simply. In essence, you should be able to create any kind of video website you want to create, such as a promotional film site or an on-line message board, with WordPress and the right theme yourself.

Every theme in this library is portable to make sure your phone and your chart room user can get to your website and see your work. But if you're looking for the best WordPress video topics, there are some other options you should look for. The majority of the topics here involve YouTube integrations for the import of contents from this beloved video share into your own website.

Several of these topics contain full BuddyPress full patronage for the BuddyPress Sozial Netzwerking plug-in. With this plug-in you can easily extend your website with additional functions for your own website. Video annotation, splitting and discussions can be included. Those functions are definitely something to be considered as they can help you create a website around your site and give it this important interactivity advantage.

You may also be able to include member features on your site based on the topic. In this way, you can place some or all of your contents in a secure area. Then you can ask your users to either set up a free or a fee-based video sharing site so that you can monetize your site and its contents.

When you want to create a video website with WordPress, the following topics are the best choices. The Vlog is a classy video WordPress theme that can be used for a variety of different project. No matter if you want to create a website where you can publish your blog, a website for video messaging or magazines or somewhere in between, Vlog has everything you need.

In order to help you set up as quickly as possible, Vlog contains a range of advanced demonstrations. Those demonstrations are aimed at single loggers, those who want to advertise themselves, their product and their service with video and anyone who wants to build a multi-media video contents site. Whatever demonstration paradigm you select, you can easily post your video on your website, whether you upload it directly to your WordPress install or import it from favorite video pages such as YouTube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion.

The wide range of page styles that make up the Vlog theme lets you select the right layouts for your contents every single times you upload a new video to your site. It also has the capability to recognize, generate, and post video miniaturized views on your website without any additional efforts.

And there are many ways to monetize your website with Vlog. In order to help your users get the most out of your website and its contents, Vlog gives them the option to store video for later viewing, view it in full movie theatre and more. Vlog provides a lot of versatility if you want to build a contemporary and trendy video website.

WordPress Video Blogs is a video blogs theme that offers a great look and an amazing range of functions. As soon as you upload this topic to your WordPress website, it's just a few mouse clicks away to bring in the demonstration contents and build the cornerstone for your new video blog. Just click on the "Import Video" button on your WordPress website. Then in just a few moments, you can begin to add your own website contents, complete with all the video you want to upload for sharing now.

When you want to give your website a more individual look, TheMotion's theme choices and preferences give you good visibility over your WordPress page without asking too many choices. The WordPress Customizer allows you to personalise the colours used on your website, rearrange the contents of your homepage and customise other parts of your website in real-time.

It also gives you a lot of flexibility in adjusting the contents of the pages' wallpapers. User-defined picture wallpapers, slide show wallpapers, and video wallpapers are all available with this favorite WordPress video theme. With full endorsement for the WooCommerce plug-in that powers this theme, you won't have a problem billing your audiences a charge for using your music.

Whether you want to resell video downloads from your website or secure your video behind a paidwall, WooCommerce and the Motion can give you all the features and functions you need to monetise your video website. You can purchase WordPress Motions by becoming a member of ThemeIsle's Theme Clubs, which gives you more than 20 additional WordPress topics.

Contributing to making TheMotion one of the most affordable choices in this series. The VideoBox is designed to be a multi-faceted WordPress theme that can be used to generate a number of different video-based Web sites. No matter whether you want to set up a website for your video blog, a home for your favourite video sequences, or a professionally designed on-line video library for your own video, VideoBox offers many possibilities.

VideoBox provides full assistance when it comes to quickly and simply uploading video to your WordPress website from websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Video and many other video service providers. You can also host your video by yourself and embed it in your postings and pages.

The VideoBox has a convenient function that generates automatic thumbnail views for all the video you are adding to your site, provided that it is host on specific websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, or DailyMotion. Other video source require you to make the presented pictures by hand. Some of the other remarkable VideoBox functions are a favorite video feeder that will help your users find more of your best stuff, a Wide-tized home page that makes it easier for you to reorder the home page module in the best way for your projects, a video merry-go-round widget for quick slide show creation, and a variety of adjustment options and control.

You' ll also get full control over the VideoBox's detailled documentations to help you get the most out of this high-performance Video WordPress theme. Though you can buy the VideoBox for only 69, using the bundle includes more than 40 VideoBox topics for only 199, and even more, for only 69 ?.

The BeTube is a video WordPress theme that is ideally suited for the creation of a video shared website. BeTube gives you 10 different homepage themes to select from when you create your video website. You can import these homepage themes into your WordPress page with just a few mouse clicks, so you can get your new website up and running quickly.

To see what this topic has to say, you can watch all 10 home page demonstrations on the BeTube demonstration website. As soon as you have made a choice, the developer will setup BeTube for you at no additional charge. BeTube' other amazing features are the easy registration of your users and the upload of their video to your website.

When you create a video share or create a website for your communities, BeTube certainly has all the functionality you need. Then, once they've done that, they can either choose to publish video to be shared elsewhere, or post their file directly to your website. Naturally, you have the ability to disable video housing if you don't have the disk capacity of the bandwith to allow this.

BeTube does not lack functions when it comes to the monetization of your website. In addition to Google AdSense and corporate images, the video ad plug-in lets you view pre-video and video ad space on your website. And BeTube is full of adjustment choices and utilities that give you an easier way to optimize the look and feel of your video website.

Featuring this high performance video WordPress theme, it also generates thumbnails for your video clipsutomatically. There is also a full range of video documentaries available to help you get the most out of this topic. Filled with functions and styling choices, BeTube is one of the most efficient and versatile choices in this suite of WordPress video topics.

Videooly offers you many different ways to integrate video into your WordPress website. No matter if you're a blogger, YouTuber or your favorite video artist, the Videoly WordPress theme could be exactly what you're looking for. Nine different homepage layout styles provide many ways to welcome your website users.

No matter which demonstration theme you select, you can view many of your best video on the home page of your website. As soon as a user has clicked on a video image you can either have it played directly on the spot or instead take the user to a particular page on your website that contains the video.

Here, too, Videoly gives you easy control over many features that cover the functionality of your website. One more way this topic can help you build the right kind of website for your projects is to provide item template articles. Every single times you add a new entry to your blogs, you can select from a variety of layout choices to make sure your media experience is just right.

This layout contains all the spaces you need to insert video into your contents. When you want to build a customized video website, you'll be happy to know that Videoly contains the Visual Composer Drag-and-Drop Page Builder plug-in. There are also a number of user-defined control elements and preferences that make Videoly a truly versatile choice in this compilation of the best video WordPress topics.

When you' re looking for a new and feature-rich WordPress video theme, Videoly definitely earns a place on your dropdown list. The VideoTouch is a high-flexibility design designed specifically for building a video viewing website. No matter if you're editing a video library or building an on-line video library for your own work, this might be the topic you're looking for.

That is made possible by the large number of layouts that can be used in combination to help you recreate a one-of-a-kind presentation for your website. Together with the infinite colour blends offered, there is no need for two sites created with the VideoTouch theme to look the same.

VideoTouch is fully reactive, as you would expect it from a WordPress theme like this. But if your website displays on a portable phone, none of your contents, such as side bars or other block contents, are faded out. Contributing to the fact that this increasing demographics of mobiles will not miss any of your important contents.

VideoTouch is there for you thanks to its integrated WooCommerce plug-in functionality, if you want to resell or pay for your website's content, software or service. One part of this WooCommerce plug-in supports several user-defined layouts and specially designed basket and cash page layouts.

The VideoTouch is a neat and clear design that is designed to download as quickly as possible and ensure consistency of usability across multiple platform and device. The VideoPro is an entrenched WordPress theme for anyone who creates a video-focused website. Now that VideoPro 2.2 has been released, this topic is even more portable than ever before.

By supporting Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles, you can make sure your website contents, especially your video, look great no matter what device they're watching on or what platform they're sharing on. When video viewing is important to you, the choice of a very portable, fast-response WordPress theme is always a good one.

VideoPro's many other useful functions mean that this topic should be an appropriate option, no matter what kind of video website you want to have. VideoPro is up to the challenges of realizing these types of projects, from video portfolio and video journal Web pages to proprietary subscription Web pages and communities.

Recently added member functions give you a lot of power over who can see what on your site and when. When you want to make your video website as interactively as possible, the full BuddyPress plug-in should prove useful. Using this free plug-in and its set of add-ons, you can easily incorporate many of the most favorite online dating and build functions into your WordPress website.

VideoPro supports shared usage of all major online sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and more, immediately after unpacking. The VideoPro has a host of functions that should really be seen to be fully valued. The VideoTube has a look and feel that reflects the beloved video share community.

Its appealing styling allows the user to easily embedded or load video, and the home page is simple to create with many built-in widgets. This theme involves automatically sizing video for thumbnail viewing, has a similar icon and viewer count, and has theme colours that are easily changed. Combining a sleek and appealing look with some useful functions, Slimvideo will help you create the video website you need with WordPress.

Slimvideo offers you many different ways to present your videos and your wrote contents. You can do this by using WordPress user-defined mailtype. That means your video contents are simple to organise on the backend and at the same time on the front side to find and navigation is much simpler.

In addition to user-defined video mailboxes, you'll also find a user-defined Galerie mailbox to create a collection of your video assets. There is also a user-defined event mail style that you can use when you want to create off-line or virtually scheduled event for your audiences or promote the event of others.

In addition to full e-commerce functionality, Slimvideo also supports the BuddyPress plug-in thanks to WooCommerce assistance. The free expansion makes it simple to expand your site's online community with additional functions for free use. It can be as simple as making it simple for your site users to profile users and posts to your site, to the point of including a complete news system, group discussions and communications areas on your site.

Additional useful functions of this theme includes various mail layout, a pull & dropping page build utility, ready-made slide bar template and all the demonstration information you need to get your website up and running as quickly as possible. There are over 10 trial version of Tru Mag that can be used on your WordPress website at the push of a simple mouse click.

When you' re looking for a customizable video website templates, True Mag could be exactly what you're looking for. In addition to the different trial releases that can be quickly and simply uploaded to your website, you get many different ways to view and view your video.

A few samples of the video features of True Mag and its plug-ins are a video ad viewing utility, video autoplay utilities, and the possibility to allow user-generated video transmissions from the front end of your website. That' s why True Mag should contain everything you need, no matter what kind of video site you want to create, from a small video library or simple video blogs to a community-managed video library.

It also makes it very simple to add your website to your YouTube channels. The Topic Option allows you to view the video fed from your YouTube channels via a good-looking presentation. With True Mag, however, this is no longer a hassle if you want to hoster your own video and show it on your website.

Although it may have been published over a year ago, this topic has been continually revised and enhanced to make sure you get an original design for your website. The Snaptube software was developed by the Cohhe group to help you create a video publishing website using WordPress. This theme's standard homepage design makes it simple to view all your best video contents in one easy-to-navigate location.

Every video miniature can show a caption, playback key, and length, as well as the number of viewpoints, annotations, and favors each element has obtained. Clicking on a video miniature image either takes a user directly to the video or loads the article containing the video and its inscription.

Snaptube also includes the AdRotate plug-in, which makes it simple to place ads on your website and begin monetising your assets. Snaptube's Theme Option Grid allows you to customise many aspect of the theme with the convenience of your WordPress dashboard instead of burrowing into your source codes and templates.

MovieMaker is designed to help anyone create a video-focused website with WordPress. No matter whether you want to give your website a polished look for your design studio or make sure your WordPress-based blog speaks to your audiences, the FilmMaker video theme is designed to give you everything you need. If you use FilmMaker to create your website, you have four different home page layout options to use.

Whether you want to advertise your video service, view your video assets on-line, or just make a home for your video assets, FilmMaker has it all. In addition to the various home page layout choices, the FilmMaker WordPress theme contains the high-performance Visual Composer Page Builder plug-in.

Using this utility, you can easily adjust any of the ready-made ready-made skins that make up FilmMaker, or even build your own sketches from the ground up. When you want to build a website to advertise a movie or other video venture, the ready-made page styles that make up this theme will help you safe a great deal of work.

There are also a number of blogs layout, to include video blogs template, full video and more. With FilmMaker, it's simple to add video wallpapers to your website, import your demos to set up your website, and create video slideshows. The WordPress video theme also includes a number of headers for selection, over 600 Google fonts, and full coverage of full embedded community features.

The FilmMaker WordPress theme is highly customizable for a variety of video related applications. Videoworld has just the right lay-out and the right look to make a good decision for the creation of a video website with WordPress. Video World allows you to use the standard site setup to build a video-packed home page when you set up your site.

Once your site receives traffic, you can quickly view the video before you scroll down to browse categories or other search terms of your choosing. You can use this over-idget to view an intro or welcome to your visitor, or alternative some promotional material.

Visitors who click on a video from the homepage are redirected to the respective video page. There they can watch the video, view the descriptions and the contents of the side bar and bottom bar. With oEmbed's help for this topic, you can add video to your website as easily as inserting the video ULL.

When your viewers reach the bottom of your page, they will have seen a wide variety of video and a number of additional commercials. There are a number of bottom line widgets at the bottom of the page to take even more of your great stuff and show it off.

The Vysual is specially designed for anyone who needs to create a website to advertise a particular film or other kind of video. When you are acquainted with the formal film sites that are launching new films in the cinemas, you already have a good understanding of what this topic can do.

Vysual demoversion looks just as good as these professionally licensed film sites and it's great to know that you can build the same kind of site with WordPress and an accessible standard theme. If you set up your website with this theme, you have two major choices.

Either you can set your homepage to show a full-screen slideshow or a video wallpaper. Either option works really well and your viewers will appreciate either scrolling through still images from the film or watching a video such as the original one. To add video to your website, even include the option of a full-screen video wallpaper, you can simply select from a number of different video resources.

These include YouTube, Vimeo and self-hosted video clips. It also has an audioplayer function when you build a website to advertise a new version of soundtrack. Everything you need to build a promotional movie-style website, including everything you need to format the bottom line in poster-style.

The Vidiho uses the WordPress natively feature for easy video-bedding. This homepage contains a large slide control optimised for high-definition video. The theme also incorporates the ability for more traditionally styled blogs to be posted to pages without video and many share features. Onl yplay is a design in magazinestyle with a slide control for presenting video.

A widgettized look and feel with pull & dropping elements. User-defined mail delivery capabilities provide flexibility in video placement and styling choices. The SocialPlay is developed to present videos and share them across a wide range of canals. Fully reactive to integrate with YouTube, Blip, Vimeo, DailyMotion, uStream, SoundCloud and Metacafe for simple video embeddedness.

In addition, this high-performance design contains many adjustment possibilities and user-defined graphs. It is a fast-reacting topic with a traditionally revolving credits effect. Producer also contains bright and dim topics, adjusting the backgrounds and free supports and up-grades. The Viduze is an interesting option for anyone creating a website for video magazines.

As well as giving you a sleek and quick load look, this theme gives you many page layout and template choices to help you publish new contents to your website. There is also a strong theme option dashboard that allows you to easily customise many aspect of your website.

That means you have the opportunity to have your traffic log in, set up an affiliate on your site, and share your favourite video. Instead, the BuddyPress control and configuration features allow your users to easily annotate and debate the uploaded video contents.

The one-click trial and install program lets you quickly and easily add your own contents by importing the outlines of this theme. Viduze has all the functions you need to create a video clip or message page with WordPress, so if you like the look of Viduze, it's sure to have all the functionality you need.

There are six different Video Theme mode choices, each of which can be added to your website with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, Video Theme can be used in a variety of ways. No matter if you're creating a video Tutorial or a Member page, or if you're just looking for a place to post your favourite video where you can easily split it, the video theme could be exactly what you're looking for.

The combination of this theme with an appropriate plug-in allows you to provide your video contents for free, ask your users to set up a free online registration or get them to log in and become a paying member to gain admission. The addition of a legitimate blogs to your video site is no longer a hassle either, thanks to the wide range of available blogs posting template.

Although this is a favorite topic, the variety of available features and preferences makes it simple to add your own personal touch to your website and give it a distinctive look without having to modify your own codes. If you' re looking to add and view video on your WordPress site, this topic contains a built-in video Player and a YouTube Video Import utility.

They can also banter your video for a certain number of seconds and then allow your users to sign in to watch the remainder of the film. The video theme also includes multi-gateway payments when you choose to calculate your exposure to your video assets.

The Video Theme is an appropriate choice if you are interested in making a member page with video in it. Videotape is a bloc type theme, periodical theme for the creation of a video blog, video review, video broadcast, video-tutorial or simply about any other video-related website. This theme contains an infinite number of colour skin and has deep and bright colour patterns.

Its design includes many utilities and functions, such as an enhanced front end, customized widgets, ad administration, SEO, cross-browser interoperability, and customized page styles. A video is a fully-fledged topic based on the Foundation Foundation-Framework. The theme has a light coding and is fast loading, so viewing video - from YouTube, Vimeo or your own private download - is simple for the user.

Video home page is fully widgettized and the theme incorporates the possibility to incorporate a blogs, ads and even an e-mail newsletters. is a theme developed to present your video asset set. This topic comprises three presented slider controls, which are suitable for videos or photographs, an extended adjustment field and four navigational modes.

You can also download several video gallery files from the web pages. The Solar is a fully reactive, retina-enabled video theme that comes with a $14 dollar RoyalSlider. This theme is characterised by a contemporary aesthetics based on the principle of slim designs. The VideoCraft can provide electricity to a user-generated video page. YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion video content can be registered and uploaded, and all popular video file types are supported.

This fast-reacting style sheet contains several page styles and a side bar with user-defined widgets. Full of functions, and it works with a wide range of video-like apps. Core layouts offer a large video area with a slide control for smaller video, include ad adding to the theme, and are optimised for searching engines.

Video Zoom allows you to view self-hosted or embed videos with the JW player in a theme that has a variety of adjustment choices. The video zoom consists of a number of different laysouts, a video slide, and customized menus and posts. The theme is developed to edit a variety of videos at once. The VideoPro has a frame that reflects the look of YouTube.

This topic contains an elaborate navigational menue and block-like contributions with a lot of integrated information. This topic is optimised for searching engines and contains the possibility to integrate advertisements and user-defined widgets. The Motion Picture is a minimalist, reactive motif developed for high-definition video. Its design allows the user to easily incorporate videos from favorite video hostering websites or self-host videos and incorporates a video viewer.

The Motion Picture also contains a wide range of mail format that work with video, pictures and text. Giga Watt is a vintage-style theme with some contemporary stylistic features for video blur. This fully reactive theme features an integrated suite of WooCommerce e-commerce products and services for simple sales directly from WordPress.

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