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View is the most complete and powerful query program available for WordPress. The number of visitors is increased when a visitor visits a WordPress blog. assistance Their statistics page contains a series of sophisticated graphics, diagrams and listings that show you how many visitors your site receives, which articles and pages are the most liked, and much more. The statistics page contains an summary of the statistics for your website: Mailing activities: a visualisation of your mailing trend, showing how many postings you have when.

Favorite days and hours: Which days and days of the year do your website have the most views? Everyday Mail, Views and Visitors: The aggregate number of mail, views and visits on your website, along with your best yet best tag for views. Today's values: The number of views, visits, preferences and commentaries your website has today.

Recent posts summary: How many views, preferences and commentaries did your last posting receive? Number of views your most favorite tag and category have obtained in the last seven and a half years. The Insights page also contains up-to-date statistics about your website commentary, favorite tag and category, and the trailers of your website.

Visiting your statistics page you will see a graph showing your daily, weekly, monthly or yearly usage (depending on which filters you chose at the top of the page). There are two major types of air travel measurement: Views and Unique Visitors. There are two of them. Counts a page when a user downloads or refreshes a page.

We count a traffic when we see a web page for the first moment in a certain timeframe (day, weeks, months). At times, the number of distinct attendees per week may be less than the total number of attendees per person per day for the same weeks. This also applies to one-time visits per Week that are less than your total number of visits per month.

However, you may also find that your number of visits is lower than your number of visits. Normally, a screen is displayed within five seconds, while it can take up to two dozen consecutive seconds for new traffic to appear in your statistics. There are also tabbed pages in this graph to display statistics about preferences and commentary on your site over a specific timeframe.

You will not see the following points in your statistics: Viewings of members of your site who have been signed in, as well as yourself, are included only in your statistics for personal websites. See how many views you have obtained per land per day, per weeks, per months and per years. In the Referrer section, other blog posts, websites, and websites that refer to your website are listed.

In order to tag them as spammers, browse to the section Referrers in your statistics. When you click on the flags, the referring links will be added to your own blocklist and will no longer appear in the next few days. Once you have left the statistics page, however, you cannot reverse the operation.

Accidentally marking a website as spamming has no effect on your statistics; it only prevents this referring page from showing up on your statistics page. In this section of the statistics you will find a listing of the posts and pages that got the most hits in the timeframe you specified at the top of the page.

To count a page or article, you must visit the permission link address or display the entire article in the reader. However, if a user views a contribution entitled "Hello World" while browsing the home page of your site, the display will not count towards the contribution, but only towards the number of views.

They do not contain the words your reader uses in the widget of your site or any other query on your site. Therefore, we are often unable to indicate which keywords were used by users who came to your website from a researcher. Link you to your posts and page contents.

When you click a name, you'll see the most favorite articles and pages posted by each writer, and the number of views each has received. On the statistics page you can click on the titles of each of the modules and browse to the end of this section to view and print your statistics. Are site statistics including my own site views?

Pages for personal use only. If you are a user with personal pages, your Site Stats page displays all the visitors you have made to your own page, as well as the visitors of other visitors who have accessed your page. At your page Insights you can see a listing of your last follower in the Follower panel.

Publication also displays a listing of how many supporters of community content get their contributions through the Publish function. So why don't mail and page impressions sum up to overall views? Mail and page views are contained in the overall views of your website, but there are many views that are not bound to a mail or page url.

Title pages, archives pages for categories, days, dates, authors, and results pages are samples of other views that only apply to the whole view. The number of Referrer does not sum up to the number of overall views? If you click on another hyperlink, not all your site users will end up on your site.

Users can enter your web address directly into your web browsers, click a hyperlink in an e-mail, or click a hyperlink in another program that downloads the web address. How come the number of views is less than the number of likes? How many views are there? The reader may like your contribution without having to visit your website, for example on the reader.

Because they have not really visited your site, it does not matter as a visitor to like a contribution in this way. Is it possible to upload extra statistics? What can I do to see my feed statistics? However, you can see the number of views that each contribution gets on your statistics pages when you use the WP Admin dashboard to get your statistics.

Yes, use the Blog States Widget. What can I do to see statistics for dates older than a single year? When you navigate through the overview screen, statistics are only displayed for the last monthly period. If you display statistics for a particular date, the Web location ends with the date you display: Who can see the statistics of my website?

The statistics can be seen by all your website users: Which information does STATS gather about the traffic to my website? STATTS keeps track of and stores the following information about your website visitors: So for example, a website user can see that a particular posting has 285 views, but he/she can't see which particular users/accounts looked at that posting.

In addition, the statistical records in which this information is recorded are only kept for 28 consecutive working days. Where is the colored border in front of some articles and pages in the statistics area? Choose the date you want to publish, and the arrow icon will appear. The arrow icon will show a list of the articles and pages that have been posted within the date area.

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