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This Wordpress tutorial focuses on the popular commercial add-on: Here you can see simple and effective ways how this WordPress plugin works perfectly and fix all problems with the WordPress Page Builder plugin Visual Composer. Visual editor definition in WordPress. Writing posts in visual post-editor mode. Which are the advantages of using the visual editor?


With Visual Portfolios you can make nice asset management presentations. Creates a shortcut to display the folder or any user-defined mail type with masonry, alignment, tile, or carousel layout. There are 4 pre-defined layouts: As soon as you have found our plug-in, you will be able to see point sharing, ratings and more. Our manually installed approach is to download our Visual Portfolios plug-in and upload it to your web server using your preferred FTP client.

It' hardly believable that this is a free investment. There are 4 kinds of screens, it can filters contributions, it can easy build picture galeries, it has 3 kinds of page breaks and many other functions. BEST of the Portfolio Plugins! I found this gem after looking for a neat Portfolio plug-in and I must say I am more than agreeably astonished.

A free plug-in that lets you easily create photo galleries. You can select pages or photographs. You can put links on the pictures, either to a light box or to a page. Following persons have added to this plug-in.

Problems with Visual Composer fixed WordPress Plugin

Visual Composer Frontend is one of the best and most important features of working with Total, so if it doesn't work properly it would be a piece of cake. The following are the essential precautions you need to take to troubleshoot problems with Visual Composer and run it the way it should!

Here you can see easy and efficient ways to make this WordPress plug-in work for you. Try the Visual Composer builder again and see if it works. This is because most folks have problems with Visual Composer because the Visual Composer plug-in is not up to date. Second, most folks have problems with Visual Composer because a third-party plug-in destroys it.

Deactivate all third parties plug-ins 1 to 1 (and clear the memory each times you deactivate a new plug-in), and then try testing Visual Composer again to see if it resolves the issues. Failure of a plug-in to damage Visual Composer is most likely due to a PHP bug on the frontend and you should activate WP_Debug to check if this is the case, otherwise it is probably a bug with the wrong encoded Java script.

When your website and WordPress URL's are not identical, there may be problems with the front-end that does not work with Visual Composer, so please make sure they are identical. Frame blocking by browsing rule - frame action cannot be applied to different URLs (these are safety considerations and CSRF outputs XSS attacks), but can cause Visual composer problems.

There is nothing we can do there, only the way to make it work is to use a "patched" web browsers that allows unsafe action within another frame of the domains. So if you do not see all available Visual Composer modules, please go to Visual Composer > Role Manager and verify again that they are all activated for your particular administrator role.

When you use Yoast's WordPress URL and you have activated the option "Redirect URL sur URL's to clean permalinks", it breaks the front-end and gives you Visual Composer problems. When you are a programmer, you should be comfortable with the browser console and it is the best way to find bugs that could damage Visual Composer.

If you see any bugs, you can take the screenshots and submit them to me via the ThemeForest comment form and it will help me to assist you in due course. Usually a bug in the browser console shows the URL it comes from, and usually from a plug-in, so you can see which plug-in interrupts things and disable it.

Plesk's newer releases include a WordPress toolkit that offers some great features, but if not set up properly, it may cause Visual Composer not to work in the frontendditor. So, please make a new administrator account on your WordPress install and check if it works with this new name.

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