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The Wordpress voice theme

The Voice WordPress theme aims to make publishing easy! Uniquely designed, highly readable blogging and podcasting theme for WordPress. Stimme - Clean News/Magazine WordPress theme from moks

is a fast-moving WordPress magazine/blog topic designed with news/magazine/editorial sites in view. Voice-for-WordPress is extremely adaptable with an extended Topic Options Panel that allows you to quickly and simply customize a theme to fit your needs. Designed with a contemporary, reactive look, excellent typeography and a strong emphasis on legibility, Voice is designed to deliver a high level of customer experiences to your audience.

The reaction modus is optionally and can simply be deactivated via the topic option. Enhanced Theme Option Bar - Voice comes with an enhanced, easy-to-use theme option bar. Incorporated Power Option - The language has been optimised for maximum speeds. Integrated power features make sure your website downloads quickly and works well.

Voice offers a variety of possibilities for boundless scripts and colour schemes, as well as special areas for uploading your logos and symbols according to your tastes. Headers Layouts + Sticky Header + Mega Menu System - Voice comes with multiple header layouts to suit your own tastes.

More than 150 post listing combinations - We offer 7 major layouts for your post listing, plus 3 additional layouts for featured area posts. Smart Post Listing (Modules) - We offer a straightforward and easy-to-use, yet high-performance multi post listing on the same page for multiple postings, known as modules. Any number of post modules can be created, grouped according to certain criterias and displayed in a certain format.

Extended mail selection/filtering - Within each modul you can: Categorie Styles - View your classifications in the same way that you would view your postings. You can then allocate a sidebar to each contribution, page or categorie. Use sticky side bars on each page so that these broadgets are exposed as you scroll through the website contents.

Voices Smart Categories make your website endlessly versatile. In addition to the WordPress default, Voice offers several user-defined broadgets that further enhance functionality: Mail Voices - View your post in style similar to the WordPress Post Wizard, but with many flexibility settings!

You can use classical page type navigations for older/newer posts, numeric page breaks, Load More or Infinite Scroll button. Eliminate the annoyance of having slutty, unique text widgets all over the place, Voice allows you to place banner ads on your home page, archive pages, or individual posts in a simple way.

Voice also natively handles Entry View WordPress plug-in, which is used to enumerate view for each mail. Intelligent features are also available so your contributions can be sorted by number of viewings. The WP Review plug-in provides WP Review functionality - Voice provides one of the most widely used WordPress review plug-ins, WP Review, to help you enhance your website's audience experience by evaluating your product and service.

Coauthors Plus plug-in supports - Easy setting of more than one author for a particular contribution with full supported for this stunning plug-in. Similar Contributions - Of course you can use one of many related contributions, but instead Voice provides a easy but efficient way to display related contributions within a specific page or posting without an extra plug-in!

Inbuilt Theme Translator - If you want to change or compile the text on your website, you can do so very simply in the Theme Option area. WordPress standard translations and multilingual website are also available. Whenever a language release is published, you can upgrade with a click, just like any other topic host in the WordPress formal Repository.

Keeping this in minds, Voice comes full featured with full inclusion of socially media on all of the major online media, all of which have been created with a perfect balance of look and feel. What's more, Voice is a great way to get the most out of your online experience. Short codes - Apply advanced features to your contents with 12 customizable short codes. Short codes are small parts of codes that you can paste into any page or post to make nice column, separator, highlights, drop caps, badges, drag quotation marks, progression bar, soft symbols, tab, toggle and accordion with minimum effort.

The WooCommerce Support - Voice has been thoroughly designed with eCommerce in mind. You new website can create a fully functional store with the extended functions of the WooCommerce WordPress plug-in! Support ForbPress - Do you have to run a forum? Voice lets you be sure that your website will run with the customary forum plug-in that integrates with your new website and has been tried and trusted to run without programming.

Support RTL - Supports right-to-left read, which is critical when operating a website with worldwide coverage! Just turn this on in the Topic Options Panel. Complete dokumentation + demo content including - Learn how to set up this topic gradually and quickly and easily manage its features with our extensive dokumentation.

And you can make Voice look fantastic in about 5 mins. If you have any queries, problems or suggestions about features, don't feel free to get in touch with us. You can now view your category within the module page templates. Added: Text width options and some user-defined widths to achieve full width (300px) when using it for displays, embeddings etc....

Contributions per page does not work for each individual class if the Contributions per page checkbox for each class is checked to "inherit" * Added: Ability to include a phone number in the context menus by using "tel:+xxxxxxxxxxxx". Added: Added WP WordPress Plugin assistance for WP Evaluation Post-Review system (stars, points and percental evaluation type).

Also you can order contributions in moduls according to rating points! May we thank these great individuals for their product that assisted us in developing this theme! The pictures are not part of the theme pack.

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