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Jan 2018 WordPress Releases

The year 2017 was a great year for WordPress in development, with fresh functionality added to the kernel and others to come. To a large extent, due to the Gutenberg editor's advances, 2017 will definitely be a turning point that could alter the course WordPress will take in the near term.

Since we' re all asking ourselves the same questions, let us set the limit here and end the year with the latest WordPress announcement and WordPress related messages. Traditionally, Matt Mullenweg gave his review of the state and development of WordPress over the past 12 month, along with the objectives that will advance WordPress 2018.

However, if you did not make it to the USA, Post Stat has compiled a short abstract with the highlight of the presentation: WordPress Growth Council statute presented by Matt at WordCamp 2016 in Philly. The WordPress kernel focuses (Customizer and REST API) and WordPress. org patches.

A thing to keep in mind is that there won't be a new WordPress standard topic next year. Possibility to block the text box so that it cannot be removed or shifted. This is a XWP development and support effort in partnership with Automattic, Google and WPEngine to help WordPress publishers select the right plug-ins and topics on the basis of the source coding used.

This works as a system integrated into the WordPress.org backend that gives back the trustworthiness value of a plug-in you want to try. Uses the built-in test engine to automatically test various plug-ins and topics in the content repository. What is more, the test engine can also be used to test the content of the plug-ins. Wordfence said the plug-in was running on 300,000 WordPress pages and was immediately deleted from the WordPress.org Repository when the back door was noticed.

Having thoroughly reviewed the coding, the Wordfence boys found small changes in the backend that could be translated into what the developer calls a background. It is the end of 2017, a year full of innovations and acquisition in WordPress. It is Envato who remembers how WordPress has grown in this period - the brief dash.

WordPress. org-Plattform gets a new look. WorldPress 4. WorldPress 4. The WordPress thematic markets are currently governed by page builder, but there is a menace that cast doubts on everyone at the present time. The Beaver Builder previewed what the next steps for page creators will look like when Gutenberg is shipped in WordPress 5.0.

plug-ins are great, but they don't always work well. Many WordPress editors use plug-ins to adapt their pages because they are afraid of the easy thought of penetrating too deeply into the WordPress backend. One of the most frequent ways to hack a website are plug-ins. Because there are hundreds of millions of plugins, and they offer great burglary possibilities, attackers just adore them.

In this way, everyone who uses plug-ins is always on the right track. Was the last check of your running plug-in? Have you ever heard of page identifiers in WordPress? Stylish designs tell you why they are useful and where to find them on your administrator page. What effect will they have on the web and especially on WordPress?

One of the most recent concerns of the developer is how much the new WordPress editors will impact their work. Secondly, because they need to alter the design orientation of their current plug-ins and topics and create something consistent with the author. The impact of the forthcoming Gutenberg version on various facets of the WordPress industry has been discussed, particularly on page creators and third-party topics and plug-ins.

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