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Worldpress Website Design

Find out how you can design and control your own website with WordPress. Worldpress Website Design & Development Services And we like to take WordPress to its limit. Like to design and develop WordPress web sites that cross the boundaries of what they can do! WordPress we like! WorldPress is an astonishing open sourcecode ( i.

e. free ) program that allows the user to have full command of the program so that we can build any website you can think of.

No matter if you want to develop a membership/education, a product range, a company website or a non-profit website - WordPress is a good one. Whilst some web agency companies are focusing on the look and feel and the latest "bells and whistles", 2 Dogs Media provides a web design suite that is more focused on ease of use for your targeted markets and preserves these transformations so you can grow your revenue, win new sponsors and achieve your mile-stones!

We will check and talk about your needs, functionalities, objectives and requirements of your website projects. At this stage, we will work together on a wireless frame to create page layout. Subsequently, design proofs are produced and we work with you to fine-tune the design until you are 100% satisfied.

2 Dogs Media prides itself on our tailor-made WordPress sites, which are designed on the Genesis platform and fully tailored to your needs. Prior to starting a design process, we will review your design visions, website objectives and functional requirements so that we can make an individual offer.

The price of a fully customized website usually starts at $3,500 for a basic website with modest features and easy design and increases according to your specific needs. Understanding the specific needs of some customers - we provide website choices for those looking for a more accessible WordPress website choice.

We will continue to provide in-depth consultations for smaller sites with restricted budgets so that we can evaluate your needs, objectives and wishes. Then we will make suggestions for topics suitable for your particular objectives and we will adapt this topic to your particular needs. Our aim is to make sure that the topic is not bloated, cleanly encoded and kept up to date by the topic writer - all important elements when selecting the right topic!

When we start with a topic, we remove the "design" step and can focus your budgeting on the essentials - converting and functional!

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