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The Make is a fast-reacting and retina-friendly design suitable for building corporate, agency, nonprofit, freelance or general business websites. The theme is built with bootstrap technology and is well coded. It' easy to create and customize; you can change layout, styling and colors directly from the website backend.

Best 20 WordPress Topics for Static Websites and Sales Pages 2018

The Great WordPress themes are the keys to the creation of efficient visible interfacing for successfull web sites such as retail sites. A way to make a business online a success is to build a website with a strong user experience. Often sites exist or perish by appearance, and among the appealing sites, usability and features stand out.

Luckily, the evolution of progressive web technology today makes it possible to create sites that are both attractive and fun to use. You can provide nearly unlimited contents and features without ever creating disorder or a loss of usability. We now have the best WordPress themes available thanks to these progressive web utilities.

Below are some of the ways we can help you simplify the process of designing and building your company's web sites. Yevelin is an attractive, versatile, imaginative and highly reactive WordPress multi-purpose premier website topic. Jevelin lets you create classy, pro-quality Web sites quickly and effectively using the sophisticated functions and practical functions of this topic. There are also a number of demonstration sites that you can set up with a click of a button.

Vivi is an imaginative, adaptable and fully WordPress topic. It provides for example flowing optical specialties and flowing transition between HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap 3 framework. Vivi lights up as a WordPress topic for fixed pages. Streamlined design and construction of custom website layout using the simple and easy-to-use Layi Visual Builders.

Grab your website just right, and then customise it simply with enhanced topic choices. For example, you can use para-lax es on your statical wallpaper or picture. Division also has an ever-growing shortlist of shortcuts, plus astonishing features that extend the capabilities of each of your pages and posts. The Uplift is another multi-purpose WordPress topic for commercial and operational use.

This allows the webmaster from all areas of live to quickly and masterly create original and contemporary web sites. Swift Page Builder provides a very easy-to-use graphical user experience so you can add your own design to your web pages by hand. Swift Page Builder and Unbranded Theme Options make it an easy job to customize your templates to fit your needs perfect.

Using a templates page or the premium demonstration importer, you can accelerate your work at any time by replicating one of six professionally designed demos. The FatMoon is a fast-reacting multi-purpose WordPress topic built on creativity and photographic expression. The FatMoon is the culmination of comprehensive research and development by a highly skilled development staff working to create a compelling piece of visually stunning yet clear material for a demanding yet demanding on-line user group.

There are 41 totally one-of-a-kind demonstration sites. This allows your visitors to browse through your website without affecting your work. FatMoon is also a great topic for specialists, professional people, creativity agencies and individual people looking for a sturdy asset management display frame to help them start their busines. Featuring stunning transition and animation, visually stunning para-laxes, challenging footage, and more under the bonnet.

The FatMoon can be easily customized with the supplied Visual Composer Drag-and-Drop Page builder and the Revolution sliders plug-in. A multifunctional WordPress topic, Avada is fast, mature, visually breathtaking and versatile. The software builds rich interactivity sites using the Fusion Core Frameworks, which support the highly developed technologies behind each of Avada's amazing capabilities.

The WordPress topic is cutting-edge, clear and visually stunning, making it an excellent solution for creating one-page web sites. Build professional-looking pages with a few drag and drop using the Fusion Builder. Experience beautiful slide functions thanks to the Fusionlider function, ultra-high definition and retina-enabled symbols and graphs throughout the design.

They can also simply activate or deactivate the para-lax wallpaper function for pictures and page title. Smooth animation behavior in each item is fully adjustable with enhanced topic choices. You have full control over your website with Avada. LeadingEngine is a creatively colourful and highly reactive WordPress multi-purpose website themed.

With the LeadEngine, you can work with any webmaster in any discipline and qualification. WPBakery Page Builder combined with 30 expert demonstrations to provide high value results without programming. LeadEngine is at home with web sites from various sectors and alcoves. Lean agendas, sophisticated slider controls, fluid animation and more ensure that the user always participates.

Bridging is an appealing multi-purpose WordPress topic. You can use Bridging to create intuitive, professional-looking Web sites for general and specialized use. In particular, it offers enhanced functionality and an attractive graphic design experience with flexible layouts, animations and rich graphics capabilities. It' s packaged with several easily available template files to help build one-page web sites, web sites, web sites, web sites and any combinations of the above.

And you can select from a variety of eye-catching wallpapers for your stationary pages, page captions, header lines, slider and more. QODE supports every aspect of Bridge, from its fully adjustable look and feel and its soft Qode slider to the enhanced Contact Form 7, Parametric functionality, fluent animation using QODE, full WooCommerce eCommerce plugins and the beautiful Qode Carousel.

Present your work in the tightest of spaces with gentle and endless scroll. Bridging takes your web site to where you want it to be. A versatile WordPress topic, this is the ultimative one-stop-shop for all types of web applications. You can do this in just a few moments with step-by-step adjustment capabilities without ever having to enter a line of coding.

BeTheme' s more than one hundred professional laid out designs are especially aimed at stand-alone pages and stationary web sites. Various template and demo versions are available to help you get your website up and running. They can also use paraallax to adjust fixed backgrounds sites, one-page sites, and stand-alone fixed pages.

Outstanding is a catchy and practical WordPress topic that is optically stunning and technically sophisticated. Suitable for both private and business sites of any magnitude and sizes. Salient is the right topic for web sites that need to differentiate themselves because it can make a message that can be noticed in a mature market place.

Knowing that the web is a highly competetive place, the company has specialised in creating sites that make a strong and sustainable impression. Ideal for today's stand-alone and stationary sites, it contains multiple template and demo versions. They can also have unbelievable full-width pallax home pages and parallax-enabled full-width statical background for pages, headings, paragraphs and page bars - if you can name it, it can be statical.

When it comes to usability, load speeds, sensitivity, SEO, and pure viewing capabilities, nothing beats Salient's performance as a WordPress topic. The Ronneby is a stylish but trendy, contemporary and technically adept WordPress topic. In addition, it fulfills the requirements of stationary web sites and one-page web sites. Ronneby has you under control - from planning pages to portable application development, from company web sites to freelance work.

The WordPress topic offers beautifully crafted WordPress artwork, demonstrations and layout. You make it simple to build pro-looking and groundbreaking web sites without ever having to write a line of any code. When you want to give your company a new advantage, this refreshing and contemporary topic is just right for you.

Discover and game with a large mega-menu and with the Visual Composer Page Builder. Check out this stunning utility right now to create your own commercial or private page. The Unicon is a visual, appealing and technically adept multi-purpose WordPress themed. Its radical approaches are design-oriented for building high-performance Web sites that repeatedly talk to the user they serve at an experience perspective.

Effortlessly, Unicon builds beautiful yet highly featured individual pages and stationary Web sites, intuitively leveraging a high-performance page creator and enhanced topic functionality. Further characteristics are plain concave contours and flat heads and paragraphs, all of which maintain a consistent, contiguous outline. In addition, beautiful palladium slider are provided by the Revolution Slider plug-in, which means that your web site can have slider on top of it them!

With full WooCommerce integrations, you can sell your goods on Unicon sites in just a few moments and with a few mouse clicks, with full visible and operational integrations of the designs. The Unicon is the industry benchmark for cross-theme, coherent, statistical web designing. With its multi-purpose WordPress themes, it is an effusive, intoxicating and thrilling multi-concept.

It' a beautifully designed, all around rugged application that meets the needs of sites around the globe, regardless of site sizes, languages, content type, or audiences. In particular, it allows you to create infinite web page stats from a variety of excluded template designs that you can modify to create your own custom layout.

At the push of a button you can turn them into statical web pages or whole statical web pages. They have the ability to use extensive adjustment functions that are available through the enhanced features of the Administrator panel. It is so versatile because it is four themes in one. Integrity, renewal, ethos and symbol are the four stacks of currently available themes within a topic.

Jupiter is a fast-reacting multi-purpose WordPress topic for the dreamer and creator, clear, refreshing, minimalistic and sophisticated, diverse and practical. Jupiter, like the others, has strong features for individual pages and fixed sites. Using unbelievable viewing power, you can build professional-looking, highly reactive and fine-tuned pages and contents in just a few moments.

The latest Visual Composer plug-in as well as the Slider Revolution, LayerSlider and iCarousel Slider plug-ins are available. They allow you to give your website sleek motion graphics, beautiful interactivity and appealing functions. With Edge One Paper, you can create perfectly continuous page-scrolling features for your stationary pages. A further highlight is the WooCommerce integrated solution, which can translate your website into your shop with just one click and in a few seconds.

The Brooklyn is a young and lively WordPress topic. This fulfills the dual purpose of delivering a robust end-to-end site for a wide range of site types and creating a topic that makes it easy to create compelling one-page statically parallaxed sites. Brooklyn allows you to create one-page web sites within a few moments of installing and without programming knowledge.

The WordPress topic presents exclusives functions, such as cross-site multiple para-lax patches as seen on many para-lax wallpaper backgrounds, beautiful para-lax smooth-scroll actions, endless vertically rolling actions, multiple backgrounds, full-screen slider controls, YouTube movies in full-screen mode, web browser optimizations that are directly displayed, tonnes of user-defined widgets, and much more. Brooklyn is the hottest blade in the drawers when it comes to individual pages and fixed sites, and it always arrives.

With its technological sophistication, optical composition, functional versatility and adaptability, Porto is a great multi-purpose WordPress topic. Featuring multiple build choices and simple enabling of structural functions on separate web pages, Porto is the most powerful multi-purpose topic for structural web pages and stand-alone web sites. In order to maximise your presence on the confined spaces of your one-page website, you can select from dozens of custom Visual Composer items - stunning looking flags, roundabouts, tables, warning box, listings, glyphs and more powerful items.

Potassium is an appealing multi-purpose WordPress topic. It' s sufficiently versatile to deal with different sites and is particularly suitable for creating your own blog, freelance portfolio and work showcase. Potassium provides many features that help you build and maintain rich, fully functioning web sites. Combining award-winning HTML5 and the latest technology in HTML5, it delivers a variety of compelling plug-ins, which can be implemented directly into the actions by simply dragging and dropping them into Visual Composer.

In addition, potassium is continually developing to make sure your company gets the ultimate website experiences. It' a WordPress topic that offers a versatile and robust website resolution for home, office and enterprise users of all sizes, sizes and types. However, it is particularly effective when deployed on stationary web sites.

In particular, Rhythm comprises state-of-the-art technological solution for all needs and requirements of face-to-face or commercial on-line project, such as private free-lance web sites, commercial web sites, commercial web sites, brand sites, as well as sites for musical and entertaining content, such as web sites of magazines. This is because it offers appealing functions such as Parallax Wallpaper, Parallax Movie Wallpapers, Parallax Cuts and the soft endless scroll of Parallax.

They can also take full benefit of the reactive bootstrap frame encoding of this topic, the unbelievably clear and concise layout, and the fantastic integrated premier plug-ins like Revolution Slider. Featuring over 37 different library layout portfolios, over 40 different demonstrations, among them multiple one-sided website templates, bright and deep style, five different individual pages, and over 400 high-resolution, retina-compatible font aesthetically pleasing icon fonts, the rhythm won't miss a beat. What's more, the Font Advanced is a powerful, easy-to-use, easy-to-use, and intuitive tool that lets you create your own website with a variety of different sounds.

It' a great multi-purpose WordPress commercial and financial topic. Finanza lets you create and manage advanced, state-of-the-art one-page Web sites, custom Web pages, and more. Then you can create breathtaking web sites that dazzle and stun with their breathtaking, soft pallax scroll effect, pallax picture and movie background, pallax section, pallax header and footer, and pallax title.

You can also discover the handy Visual Composer in conjunction with useful shortcuts.

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