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The Wordpress Website

Creating your first website with WordPress You' ve taken the leap, chosen a domainname, bought a WordPress optimised web host and are prepared to launch your WordPress page. These brief instructions will take you through the process of creating your first WordPress web page on your computer. That means that your first task is to select a topic.

Design is a ready-made pattern that WordPress uses to tell you what your website will look like. Or in other words, instead of encoding your entire website, you can pick a topic you like and then adjust the items. How to pick a topic: Then click on the "Activate" topic. As soon as your topic is enabled, your website will actually look like a website!

This means that you have to build your first web page on WordPress. Since you have a topic now, it's your turn to build your pages. Use the WordPress "Pages" function to generate these pages. As soon as you select "Add New", you will see that you can type in a caption and adjust the contents.

Keep in mind that WordPress imports your page into your chosen style because you have one. Once you have all your pages in place, you will want to organise them. In order to organise your pages, you should include them in one of your navigational options. After you have chosen the pages you want to be added, you can rearrange them as you want them to appear in your main window.

To do this, drag and drop the individual items to where you want them to appear. The example above shows each page of the Hauptmenu being rinsed to the leftside and each subpage being recessed below the Hauptseite. Your pages can be organized as you wish. For a better understanding of the end result, here's what a WordPress meal looks like, all with a topic.

How to build your first web page in WordPress and then organise it with a simple tool.

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