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Worpress Website Templates

WordPress Business Themes 2018 30+ free of charge If you are setting up a new company, you must take care of the smallest detail. One of them is a good looking and optimised website that can help you promote your company and develop your own brands. So you can get started right away, we've put together a free WordPress startup guide with the best free WordPress businesses.

Begin with your website and make it look right with these free WordPress topics. Neve was designed with the multi-purpose function in mind and is the WordPress topic that could be ideal no matter what kind of company you own. It' s versatile styling can be used for start-ups, company locations, creativity agents, NGOs, small companies... whatever.

Functions: superimposition of contents blocs, parallel axes and rotten loaders, light -weight and SEO-friendly, one-page layouts, price charts, reactive designs, Gutenberg and Elementor-compatible. The Hestia is a contemporary and neat subject with a multifunctional look. It' a easy and memorable topic, with neat scroll and paragraphs where you can present your service in an elegant way.

Characteristics: UI Materials Kits, UI Free Software, UI Free Software, UI Free Software, UI Free Software, UI Free Software, UI Free Software, UI Free Software, UI Free Software, UI Widgetized Footer, WooCommerce and Page Builder Compatibility, Live Customizer, Sendinblue Integration (for Newsletter Forms). The Fagri is a sleek and easy multi-purpose WordPress biz-subject. Comes with a clear and attractive look that has been designed so that the contents come first. It' professionell appearance makes it suitable for any kind of shop.

It comes with a great and gentle pallax scroll and many adjustment possibilities. Functions: Full-width headers with contactsheet, pallax scanning, colour choices, fast-response designs, Elementor Page Builder interoperability, WooCommerce enabled, multi-purpose designs. This is a nice one-page WordPress responding motif, with a full-width picture in the back and a plain blank top panel.

Comes with a classical and stylish look that could be very well suited to any type of store. The Zerif Lite has an entertaining and colourful user experience with a sophisticated parallel effect and contemporary animation. Characteristics: clear and verified coding, parallel effect, WooCommerce integrations, subject matter choices, localisation (full translation), fast response designs, simple point of use.

An uncluttered and contemporary look for small business, start-ups or agency with a full-screen headers, widget bottom and a cheerful look. The West has a sleek and stylish look, and it also offers a beautiful range of portfolios. Functions: fast response time, various ready-made layout, Live Composer, various scripts and colours, user-defined headers, translatable, social link.

This is a minimalistic and clear website for businesses and companies, with a sleek and beautiful one-page look, a full width slide control, a full width mesh library and a web browser tab with annotated statistics. All in all, a cultivated look that distinguishes your company. Featuring: fast-reacting styling, 6+ Widgetareas & 11+ user-defined widths, Dragging & Dropping Page Builders, colour choices, boxes & width layouts, great products filtering, Flash Toolkit plug-in, optimised for performance and easyEO.

The Llorix One is a one-sided, welcoming style for your satisfied group. Offering a proffesional and stylish look for small business and start-ups. Partal lax scroll makes it even softer and more stylish. Colourful lettering and button themes. Functions: fast-reacting interface layout, pallax scroll, one-sided layout, soft link, adjustable tape, translatable.

This is a clear and straightforward topic for healthcare and medicine, with a professionally designed look, a broad lay-out, a straightforward deadline sheet and a full width headline. Functions: fully reactive, WooCommerce-enabled, retina-ready, translatable, basic reservation forms, widget driven menus. This is a basic topic for those who love gadgets and can be used for small journals or private blog niches.

There is a neat and contemporary touch to it that puts the focus on the contents. Functions: fast reacting redesign, retina-capable, multicolored, HTML5 motion control, integrated page laysouts, endless page bars, SEO-friendly. This is a nice one-sided topic for small companies - creatively or commercially - with a contemporary and colourful look and full-screen outline.

Comes with a soft, fast pallax scroll and an sleek styling. Characteristics: paraallax effect, soft symbols, one-sided artwork, blogs layouts, fast reacting designs, multi-purpose designs, minimal look. This is a very nice and stylish topic for companies, with a clear and memorable look for professionals. It is a minimalistic and cheerful subject.

Functions: reactive styling, WooCommerce capability, full lay-out controls, infinite colours, user-defined shortcuts, parallel scrolls, user-defined types. The Moesia is a free WordPress topic for businesses that allows you to create a great and effective web site. Featuring a full-screen picture backdrop with parallel effects and an engaging interactivity, Moesia is a great one-page WordPress topic.

Functions: fast response, translatable, user-defined widgets, pallax background, user-defined headers, title page pads, soft. This is a contemporary, one-sided topic for office space. Gentle para-lax scroll, a nice full width headboard and a cool look. The Latte offers everything a shopkeeper needs to develop his service, skill and work. Functions: fast-reacting interface, simple to adapt, limitless colours, parallel axes scroll, portfolios and price charts, instantto-translate.

Versatile WordPress topic with versatile styling, extensive customisation capabilities and a host of advanced functions that allow you to build any kind of professionally designed website, from small face-to-face blog and small businesses to large enterprise sites and on-line stores. Characteristics: Includes WooCommerce compatible, Graphical User Interface, Dynamic Raster Layout, Advanced themes panels, infinite colour combination, easy to translate.

The Clarina is a lovely and stylish subject for start-ups and companies with a clear and welcoming outline. With a one-sided lay-out, it offers all areas that require a great deal of commercial interest. In spite of its clear appearance, it has memorable and colourful components and clarifiers. Overall a lovely and easy topic that will help your company to thrive.

Functions: fast response design, WooCommerce capable, single -sided design, WooCommerce capable, easy to use, easy to use, SEO-optimized coding, localizable. WordPress is a neat and minimalistic small company WordPress buzzword that is ideal for attorneys and legal practices. Its design has a pro look, beautiful pallax scroll, wide base and a full width slide control.

Functions: fast response layouts, user-defined background, menu and headings, translatable, widgettized, sticky articles, simple contactsheet. A stylish, free multifunctional topic for (business) WordPress sites, with a stylish monochrome look. This has a contemporary look, with full-width headers and full lax scrolls. Modality can be used for any company. Functions: fast-reacting styling, Google scripts, limitless colours, motion graphics, customisable homepage, retina-capable, five mail-format.

Fast-reacting, multi-purpose WordPress topic that matches enterprise and small enterprise Web sites. There is a clear and minimal look, a full width headline, a widget pedal and various postal sizes. The GeneratePress has a straightforward blog-style look and works well for on-line shops. Characteristics: fast reacting and adaptable designs, WooCommerce integrated, widgettized, developer easy, different mailforms.

A great, free, reactive WordPress franchise with pallax scrolling, lazyload and animation content. Can be used for any type of transaction. It' s contemporary and stylish styling gives your website a stylish look. Functions: infinite color, Google font, optimised speech, PSD file content, integrated page templates, fully customisable. This is a welcoming and contemporary WordPress topic with a multifunctional look.

Designed to match any company site, be it a start-up, a creativity or company, a digital advertising company, a presentation of products or other different on-line companies. TwoPress has a clear one-sided look and feel. Featuring: fast-reacting theme, softly parallaxed effect, user-defined page templates, WooCommerce assistance, heroes area, contents block, 2 backgrounds, full localisation.

The WordPress topic comes with a neat and neat look for your company. There is a homepage slide, a blogs, a portfolio as well as pallax scroll. It has a contemporary, cheerful look that suits every use. Functions: colour choices, customisable slide bar, four user-defined widgets, user-defined menu, user-defined background, box and broad layouts.

An easy, colourful, responsive WordPress franchise topic for start-ups and company Web sites. There is a full width slide bar, a two layout blogs and a neat look. This topic comes with societal mediation inclusion. Functions: fast reacting desing, WooCommerce integrations, two-page templates, widgettized footers, portfolios, social linking. This is a versatile WordPress topic for companies and organisations, with a colourful yet still highly polished look.

There is a beautiful navigational feature with scrolls of parallaxes, animation and clear styling. Functions: fast-reacting interface redesign, soft link, widget driven feet, full width sliders, translatable, user-defined menus and background. This is a minimalistic and clear topic for e-commerce use. Comes with a full-width para-lax head, fast scroll through the one-sided layouts, a basic store area, colourful symbols and button panels, and consumer ratings.

Characteristics: With WooCommerce you have a simple online shop with Google Maps integrated, quick to respond designs, blogs layouts, endless colours, boundless search options, instant translations. A great subject for your company, with a very contemporary and memorable look, suitable for any use. It has a one-sided look, with a lovely full-screen look, parallel scrolls, lovely straps and an elegantly inviting look.

Characteristics: fast response time, photofriendly designs, pallax section, infinite colour variation, various banner/slide show choices, easy access to advanced search engines, easy access to SEO. This is a minimalistic WordPress topic for start-up companies, with a neat and polished look. Functions: indefinite colours, boxed/wide lay-out, portfolio/works/projects bricklaying and roundabout format, various blogs laid out, user-defined sliders. This is a versatile and one-page WordPress biz topic for start-ups, with a cheerful and contemporary look, a full-screen head, colourful items and great animation.

Because of the para-lax effect, rolling is gentle. They can use this topic for any kind of company. Functions: fully reactive, high-performance topic option, videos background (YouTube and Vimeo), para-lax effect, optimised speech, price list inclusive, Google Maps and contact form 7 supported. This is a contemporary and pleasant topic for small businesses and enterprises.

She has a proffesional and stylish look, but it also comes with colourful trim. Featuring a full-screen slide control, clear styling and gentle scroll function. Functions: fully reactive, with sliders, blogs page layouts, high-performance topic choices, WPML and Google Maps integrations, WPML supports. Turn is a free, one-page, modern WordPress topic for companies and start-ups.

Its look is neat and proper, with soft scroll and a full frame homepage slide. Characteristics: fast reacting redesign, dossier mail style, parallel effect, broadgets and soft link, build with Redux frameworks. Simplistic and shallow free online subject for attorneys and legal firms web sites. Comes with a distinctive pro look and a clear and straightforward allure.

Functions: fast reacting redesign, widgettized footer, WP Product Review plug-in plug-in integrated, translatable, easy handling contactsheet, blogsite, customisations. This is a beautiful and contemporary topic for small companies and agents. Featuring breathtaking pallax scroll, full width headers, great animation, and colourful icons and section. The ResponsiveBoat has a pleasant, sophisticated look and a full image outline.

It has an sleek one-sided look that makes browsing simpler and more fluid. Functions: reactive styling, WooCommerce enabled, pallax scanning, translatable, widget enabled, user-defined contents block. A fantastic and breathtaking WordPress topic for small companies, agents and companies. There is an inventive and unique style based on a unique page. It comes with a full-screen look, a lot of animation and effect, great and sleek paragraphs of para lax, contemporary symbols, progression bar and some other useful functions.

Functions: Extremely adaptable, various headers, easy typesetting, optimisation of search engine optimisation, optimised for performance, translatable, one-sided layouts, scanning of parallaxes. This is a clear and minimalistic topic for small companies and agents, with a cheerful look. Topic is delivered with a portofolio page for your best work. Characteristics: fast response time, optimised for rapid response, SEO-optimised, infinite number of pages, optimised for performance, eight ready-made demonstrations, parallel headers, product-logout.

This is a neat multi-purpose topic for small companies and bloggers. There is a minimalistic look, a full width headers with full width parallel axis scrolls, a rotary slide control for feature post and a raster contents texture. Functions: fast-reacting interface layout, community menus, pallax head, customized colours, Google scripts, instant translations. A great Businessthema with a great full frame slide and a full width porfolio area.

It' s an elegantly clear subject, which makes it a good option for presenting your works. Functions: fast-reacting look, user-defined contents styles, widgets, full-screen sliders, sleek portfolios area, soft link, translatable. An easy topic for start-ups, with a minimalistic monochrome look. This has a sophisticated and stylish look and comes with a folder and a weblog templat.

Functions: fast response lay-out, drag-and-drop homepage, sliders for the homepage, widget side bar and feet, easy short code access. Enterprises are a very easy subject for your start-up or any other business purposes. Designed to be minimalistic yet vibrant, it has a large headers, hovering panels and colourful lettering and switches. Functions: fully reactive, user-defined permanent navigational menus, scroll motion, high-performance built-in plug-ins, full-page slide bar banners, easy, clear styling.

The AccessPress Lite is a minimalistic and nice topic for start-ups and small companies. Comes with great functionality, which includes portfolios, service, testimonials, blogs, about and well organised contents that look good on the homepage. Functions: fast response time, page bar option, user-defined logos, several homepage layout, call to action, CSS3 animation, WooCommerce compliance. ILDY is a very contemporary and great topic for companies of all types - corporations, creatives, start-ups, portfolios, small companies and agents, etc.

There is a colourful look with nice animation, a one-sided lay-out and pallax scrolls. Characteristics: fast reacting and slim styling, heroic image, font assist icon, infinite colour choices, retina readiness, one-page-style. This is a very nice topic for small companies and creativity agents, equipped with a fantastic scroll of parallaxes, which makes the overall appearance very stylish and stylish.

The AccessPress Perallax themes were created on a one-page page; it offers a full-screen slide bar and nice areas where you can present your contents in a truly original way. Characteristics: Parametric cuts, multi-purpose designs, fully reactive, infinite colour choices, many user-defined laysouts, CSS3-Animation. Characteristics: Parametric separator, multi-purpose artwork, fast response lay-out, asset section, WooCommerce capability, several colour choices, user-defined shortcuts and types.

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