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This group of tutorials will teach you the basics you need to know to create a simple WordPress page. Go to a WordPress website today! The use of WordPress to create your website or blog is easy and fast.

Twenty-three great WordPress Web page samples

WordPress, once seen only as a blogs tools, has quickly evolved into a full-fledged CMS for web professionals and agency users, deployed on million web pages around the world". In order to make the setting clear, we have selected some of the best WordPress web pages to show you what this amazing web based CMS can do for you.

If all this has inspire you to create your own website, don't miss our Wordpressutorials or the summary of the best Wordpress topics. This is what the VR Boutique Webgains Studio We Virtual Are has; its website, created by Herdl, is based on WordPress, but uses many innovative technologies such as WebGL and 360-degree movie to give you an irresistible flavor of its always-on service.

The new website of the Danish Designmuseum Stupid Studios was designed by the Copenhagen-based brand and image studio Stupid Studios and not only presents the museum's archive, collection and research, but also presents it in a completely new way. The SVG Animated Museums Emblem, the eye-catching Parametric Array Scroller and the atmospheric pallet exchange while browsing through the contents make it the ideal on-line presentation for an important designer city.

Nothing the glorious globeiant used but Wordpress to build his chic website, which is a wide open space away from the colourful, caricatured Disney we know and like. It can present its brand portfolios through its easy-to-use website in order to distinguish its contents, service and consumables. Rubbish Prince Katy Perry uses nothing but Wordpress to run her website.

The website focuses comprehensibly on visually and socially relevant imagery and uses high-resolution images of the artist's portfolios to make a courageous stand. Perry's website shows that with a plain blank wallpaper and easy-to-navigate hyperlinks, you can bring in a lot of character, allowing your supporters to hear, see and study.

However, Drew Apicture, the Australia tattoo artist, has used his creativity to build a website that not only puts his work at the top, but also imitates it. His website, Da Ink, Apicture, is about a dramatic and angular background of dark chocolate to present his work, mixing some reds and oranges, an intelligent and minimum logotype and you have a really nice website with your portfolios.

You could say the same about his website, but we think it's a beautiful, smooth bit of artwork that uses infinite scroll, motion graphics and high-resolution art gallery practically and effectively. Developed by DBS Interactive, The Ink Tank is an eye-catching WordPress page that draws all the attention to deliver up-to-the-minute information from the printing industries and showcases some of the ways companies and performers currently use inks.

Civil services web sites have little track records when it comes to being nice or simple to use. Fortunately, this tendency is beginning to pale, and the Greenwich Library website has been given a contemporary new look. However, when the website was created, the focus was on visually, as a civil servant, user-friendliness is paramount and everything else is the final touch.

It is the outcome of two years of research, tests and research. They were also about problems humans had when trying to find what they needed in a ocean of contents. It is a skill that many programmers build with SVG, but the easy combinations of CSS transforms and layers produce as interesting an effect as a more sophisticated SVG line drawnrawing.

A stereotyped campus website tends to be a rather old-fashioned and obsolete one. By redesigning the Harvard Graduate School of Art website this past year, Upstatement has raised the bar. However, it is not the only one who has done so. GSD's designs are eye-catching, frisky and agressive, although they are restrained and allow contents to assert themselves when necessary.

Each floating state calls an Animation that helps the user navigate the interaction with the contents. Besides all the complex visuals, the developer behind the website took this site to another high. "Upstatement' technical director Mike Burns on this particular venture worked with the schools to gather and modernize their infrastructures and combine everything into one WordPress-based API," says Swartz.

And the Upstatement staff knew that this had been a great achievement as the Harvard executive and lecturer summarized the redesign: This is Your Kingdom, and Kim Lawler's robust development, the website is engineered to deal with increasing volumes oftent. Lavler used WordPress to allow website publishers and visiting blogs to simply and periodically refresh their websites, giving users many good reason to come back in time.

Filigree, fun designs point to a broad spectrum of activity offered on the site and do an excellent job of being attractive and eye-catching without being stereotypical, girlish or even slotty. The aim of Travel Portland is to encourage individuals to come and see Portland in Oregon, USA, and help them schedule their journey with travel planning features and contents that demonstrate the unparalleled possibilities of the town.

You can find neat designs on every page of his website, with pictures that tell of the Portland experiences, from cascades to grocery wagons. This beautiful, appealing website is WordPress driven and uses an individual, appealing layout using Zurb's Foundation Frameworks. They also used MaxMind's geolocalization API to give them the ability to customize contents on the homepage according to the visitor's whereabouts.

He has a website! In order to maintain James' on-line personality and have enough spare moment to rescue the wider web, he opted for WordPress, "especially because I knew I wanted a single website with a single web site for my portfolios and blogs. I had used it before as a CMS for other website client as well, so I was used to the userfriendliness.

" Brisbane resident Brisbane Hochzeitsfotografen, Jess Marks and Steve Bliesne's Online-Home is a funny, bizarre website with a lot of character. Bliesner says that when it came to redesigning the website, they "actually switched from ExpressionEngine to WordPress. For a long period of our search we found the right designer home for this particular venture.

Simple as Milk was the one we chose, and WordPress is what they worked with, so we changed. "Now that we are outsourcing most of the web and marketeer -related things, more folks and businesses are mastering WordPress through ExpressionEngine, so it became little clear that switching to WP was an intelligent notion.

" "From ExpressionEngine, some things are similar - the way you post, the way you type information, and so on," Bliesner remembers the passage between CMSes. "WordPress is far ahead in the accessibility of plug-ins - and overall usability. "Work by Simon is the designer's studiosite of Simon Carr and Elijah Wasserman.

This website is used as an on-line portofolio and blogs. Our focus is on HTML5, CSS3, portable web sites and WordPress which has been the CMS of choice for the last four years. "Simon says, "We like WordPress because it gives us the opportunity to simply convert themes into user-defined template files.

"A further factor that made it our first option is the flexible nature of our blog and asset management work. Control the Portfolios area by using user-defined WordPress mail type. "They use WordPress for all their customer work," he says. "lt makes it easy to build any website, including ours. One of the many advantages is the automation of things, from the collection of portfolios to the collection of contacts.

" They also use the Pods CMS plugin to give them extra features and controls over their contents. He is also a member of the plugin engineering team: Jay Bigford and Alister Wynn, co-founders of the project, developed the plant's layout and construction as part of a group. "Bigford says the keys to the effectiveness of our website as a means of promoting our company are to have access to invaluable, competency-based information.

" WordPress was chosen as CMS by the boys. "Adding contributions smoothly and simply and then creating good related stories between them will give the users a less straightforward trip through our content," says Bigford, who then discusses the workflows. "The use of WordPress allows us to accelerate the construction by reducing the number of copies we use.

Matt Brett created the website and moved Baxter from Tumblr to WordPress. "WordPress was very adaptable and would give me a great deal of freedom to view my photographs. "Brett says the characteristic of which he is most proud is the way in which the design and color of each article can be modified to best match the contents.

"My favorite thing about WordPress is how quickly I can switch from an HTML style sheet to a working design. "We' ve used two CMSs," Chang says, "The shop is run through an open sourcecart system and the other pages are maintained through WordPress. This website was designed in WordPress by the Web Design Northern Ireland staff and is a touch of freshness - it's cool to see how HTML5 is used for customer work.

"WordPress's inherent character makes it easy to differentiate between , and content," he says. Johnson added, "I also like how splitting contents works to make a summary of documents and semantically organize websites. Abeo, the head of the department and me with the overall conception and the overall layout.

"This website was created with Photoshop CS6 and Illustrator CS6. Duncan, the developper, constructed the website using WordPress with a variety of jQuery plug-ins, plenty of e-mails and teacups. "The independent graphic arts and e-commerce firm Entyce, headquartered in Chester, has also proven itself on its own portfolios page.

Jane Entwistle, head of creativity, tells us that they used the world's most famous CMS WordPress for their website. "WorldPress is an entrenched system and we like the open sources approach - it's very diverse and can be slightly altered and designed as needed," she states. WordPress advocates the addition of Entwistle:

The Ghosthorses is the Stephen Fairbanks Portfolios page. By the time he decided on the CMS to push his big design over, he knew it had to be WordPress. "I' ve been using WordPress as long as I have been construction because I like it, how formable it is, and the fact that it's so beloved means there's a really good fellowship of help behind it.

" Design the Planet is a group of self-described "planetary engineers". If you look at the dotcom portfolios site, they are definitely the people who are doing just that. In order to make it, Design the Planet decided to use WordPress. "We' re getting started with WordPress," says Perryn Olson, VP and COO. "It' s much simpler to work with our customers and much simpler to get around quickly without a sharp study trail like Joomla or Drupal.

"While WordPress is universally and quite portably from one business to another, some businesses find themselves caught when they use a propriety CMS - because they can never go and their website becomes a prisoner.

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