Wordpress West Theme

Worldpress West Theme

One of the features you will find in West are: A WordPress topic that allows you to create your own tutorials website. TopicsDocumentation & Tutorial - Light up free WordPress topic. Grab this university WordPress theme to expand the audience behavior of your website.


The West has a full-width portrait that you can simply modify to your own. This picture is intended to amaze your audience and allows you to attach a Call to action alert and two keys above it. West provides the incorporation of Life Composer. That means you can create nice pages using this plug-in while taking full advantages of the default design values.

You can find all theme choices offered by West in the Customizer. You' ll find color, font, headspace, blog-related things all there. Each character in West is prepared for translating. In this way you can effortlessly translates the subject and ensure that your website is 100% in the desired languages.

The West is meticulously handcoded and uses the latest web coding technology. This means that your new design is cross-browser and future-proof. The West is fast reacting, so it works on all machines, regardless of sizing. The WordPress Customizer is used to view changes to your website across all our topics.

Work doesn't stop when we publish a topic. Regularly we publish upgrades to fix errors, introduce new functionality (often often client based) and keep up to date with the latest WordPress versions. Following the best internalisation practice, our topics are prepared to be localised into your own languages.

The topics are clear and straightforward, but if you need help, our forums are always open. Following WordPress best encoding practice as defined by the WordPress.org Theme Review Staff, you can be assured that your design meets the highest quality design requirements.


The topic has not been updated in over 2 years. is a fast-paced online marketing topic that seeks to offer everything you need to help you build a fantastic website for your organization. One of the functions you will find in West are: Includes Live Composer integrations, font and color control, blogs plug-ins, user-defined headers, and more.

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