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A wiki? What is a wiki? At this point a WordPress Wiki comes into play. This article will emphasize the value a WordPress wiki brings to your business, as well as free and paying topic review ers and plug-ins to get your wiki up and running. What is more, we'll be using WordPress to help you get the most out of your wiki.

A wiki? What is a wiki? Whilst the first thing most people think of when they listen to the term "wiki" is Wikipedia, the huge collection of information was not the first of its kind.

Howard G. Cunningham, the creator of the very first wiki, started his website in 1995. Its name, which means web site, comes from the words "wiki" which means "fast" in Hawaii. Wiki-Wiki means "very fast" and this is what Cunningham wanted, a very fast web. Wiki is just the simplest way for you to build this one-stop commercial for the information you collect.

A WordPress Wiki - Why? A WordPress wiki will help you if you are looking for a way to bring together your company's information and expertise in one place. Whilst the two are great fixes, they don't exist on your own website and that undermines some of the key advantages of having a wiki added:

Furthermore, using a WordPress wiki means you don't have to study another one. This is because most wiki plug-ins work within the already known WordPress frameworks. Adding a WordPress Wiki to your website is the simplest way to do this is by using a plug-in. Like most WordPress functions and functions, there are a number of optional extras, both free and paid, which include KB plug-ins that provide the same benefits as a direct wiki.

Here is an overview of the top quality plug-ins that you can use to create your own archive of information. WordPress Knowledgebase & Wiki plug-in is a light weight plug-in with extensive features. As well as the ability for front-end contributors to post items, you get an AJAX-based lookup that downloads results without refreshing the page, several sorting features, and a polling function that allows your site viewers to express their opinions about your work.

With a variety of under-the-hood functionality, such as a Sidebar widget, a user-defined mail types and categories, and mail formats icons, NB offers a wide range of options. You can also make shortcuts to the lookup forms and a poll wizard that you can use for any kind of posting. After all, the plug-in is fully reactive, so your WordPress Wiki looks good on any machine.

The DW Knowledgebase Pro plugin's outstanding feature is the number of layout it has. 7 index and 2 archives allow you to make your wiki look the way you want it to. MindravaKB Knowledgebase plug-in is the best looking item on this page.

You can also use the plug-in for a test ride by going to the website. This plug-in provides multi-site suport, shortcuts, tuning functions and a variety of analysis functions. Last post in the WordPress Wiki plug-in is Knowledge Base, a strong competitor with good designs, wide views, short codes and fast response time.

You can also find a number of free WordPress Wiki and knowledgebase plug-ins on wordpress.org. Enzyklop├Ądie / Glossarar / Wiki - neat function warning: If you are creating a Wiki page with this plug-in, the text included in the headline will link back to this page if you use it somewhere on your website (e.g. in other posts).

You can buy a $22 complimentary plug-in with the same function, the WP Glossary. Additionally to the plugs there is a good choice of WordPress topics, which should serve as Wiki or knowledgebase from the beginning. If you place your WordPress Wiki on a subdomain, the advantages of "SEO Juice" and "Website Traffic" will be reduced.

Here is a listing of six free and six premier topics that you can use when creating your WordPress wiki or your knowledgebase: Remember the importance of WordPress wiki web site services for your wiki. No matter if plug-in or topic, free or paid, your clients, affiliates and staff will get a great deal out of your new WordPress Wiki.

Have you got a WordPress Wiki on your website?

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