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WordPress Theme for your Wiki or Knowledge Base Website. Top 10+ Best Knowledge Base & Wiki WordPress Themes 2018 KnowledgeAll is a WordPress topic database from the HeroThemes KnowAll development group. The aim of this topic is to give you everything you need to run an efficient WordPress Knowledgebase website. Your users can be welcomed with an AJAX-based real-time browser, followed by hyperlinks to your most favorite help themes, based on how you set up your on-line KD.

The addition of downloading appendices to any of the items is simple with KnowAll and makes it simple to assist your audiences in various ways. In order to make sure that your WordPress knowledgebase website suits your marketing image and blends into the remainder of your on-line contents, there are a number of code-free customisation possibilities that you can take advantage of.

You will also find a number of useful reports to help you track how effectively your database of information and its contents are supporting your target group. Additional utilities that can help you rate your site includes easy-to-use feed-back form for each item and query analysis to help ensure that your users can find what they're looking for.

When you want to stylishly promote your product and service while offering your customers an opportunity to help themselves before they open a KnowAll tickets, KnowAll is definitely a good choice with its professionally designed and useful functionality. The Flatbase is a fast-reacting topic for creating a wiki type knowledgebase or website with WordPress.

Like the name already says, this version is characterized by a slim shape, which is currently a favorite fashion in web and apple interfaces. Because of the fact that Topics of this kind are designed so that it is simple to build a website to serve a particular site, a particular products, or a particular applications and assist their end users, Flatbase is a good option as a guide for a site that has a similar look and feel and helps you ensure a uniform look and feel and usability across your different platform.

While this topic puts a lot of emphasis on the fact that you can build a knowledgebase website, when using Flatbase, your WordPress site can also easily contain a frequently asked questions (FAQ) and a social networking resource thanks to its built-in interoperability with the free flatbase plug-in. In order to make it as simple as possible for your users to find what they are looking for, this WordPress Knowledgebase topic uses an Ajax-based real-time searching utility that automatically populates your users' inputs by using the title of the document(s) available on your website.

If it' s about optimizing the theme to get the right look for your website, you get a good rate of adjustment choices. WordPress Customizer is a WordPress customizer that lets you get a real-time view of your changes as you make them. These include items such as layout, typefaces - Google included - and a variety of colors and other appearances.

The Flatbase theme's other useful functions are a way to track the amount of elapsed reading times for each item on your website, a popular system where users can give comments on an item, a choice of broadgets and customized broadgets, and a retina-ready theme.

With Flatbase, you can combine a great look with a range of functions to provide a complete look. With the Heroic Knowledgebase, you can add all the functionality you need to make your website a fully functional knowledgebase. If you choose this plug-in, you can use any WordPress theme you like to generate your own on-line assistance resources.

Not only does this plug-in make it as simple as possible for you to append your database contents to your website, it also offers many functions that allow you to provide your users with a rich visitor experiences. These include an AJAX-based searching utility that enhances the efficiency and pace of the searching process functionality, item feed-back capabilities that allow your users to evaluate your contents, simple item attachment to provide file and extra contents to your users, and a set of widgets to display knowledgebase contents and link in your page bars.

The Heroic Knowledge Base is extremely customizable and contains a number of advanced features and checks to make it work the way you want it to. In addition, you get an easy-to-use pull & drope interface that lets you arrange your contents in the right order. Please refer to the on-line help to ensure that you have no problem installing this plug-in on your website.

In order to make sure that your knowledgebase contents match your WordPress theme and the remainder of your website, the plug-in contains a number of different sets of different styles to help you manage the look and feel of your work. Or you can customize your own stylesheet to get even more power over what your database contents will look like.

The Heroic Knowledge Base plug-in has been used on nearly 5,000 Web pages so far and the users page contains some amazing name. By choosing this plug-in you will be in great companionship with pages like Crazy Egg, OptimizePress and Restaruant.com, all of which use this plug-in to operate the on-line documentations areas of their web pages.

With the Heroic Knowledgebase, you can create a Web site that is used exclusively as a database of information, and you can easily extend these capabilities to an already established Web site or blogs, while using your preferred WordPress theme. Helguru is a premier self-service database topic designed to help you stylishly back up your product or business needs.

The HelpGuru is the latest addition by an original writer who has built a series of highly acclaimed knowledge bases and supports related WordPress topics. These experiences have enabled the writer to fine-tune his abilities in this area and to develop a great theme that incorporates the best qualities of his earlier work alongside a refreshing and contemporary look.

This topic contains the Heroic Knowledge Base plug-in, which is a favorite among those who create this kind of website with WordPress. As a result, users can evaluate items to tell other users how useful the contents are, while the Web site's Organizer makes it simple for Web site users to easily organize their knowledge base records.

When you want to include a bulletin board on your technical assistance website, you will be happy to know that this topic is fully compliant with our standards. Just download this free plug-in and give your users the opportunity to ask their own question and help each other. If you are trying to set up your website with the HelpGuru theme, the WordPress part of the Livingustomizer can be used to get a living preview of the changes you make to the website, such as the colors, the widgets, the logo, and other items.

HelpGuru's clear and contemporary styling and useful functions make it a good option for anyone creating a database website to help accomplish their project. Helfer was developed with the single goal of turning WordPress into an on-line database of information that anyone can use.

According to how you create this design, your users will be able to use the high visible query box in the standard homepage design. It makes it as simple as possible for your audiences to find what they are looking for and resolve the issue.

Assistant contains a real-time real-time engine using AJAX that provides automatic real-time recommendations to the user as they enter, according to the content of your database and FAQ. Most likely your traffic is already acquainted with Google's automatic searching engine, so why not let it take advantage of this functionality on your website as well?

Not only does the Help topic include simple publishing and management of your database contents, it also supports the high-quality version of the BannerPress plug-in. Another way to help your website users and turn them into a precious asset is this option. Helpers also include an appealing suite of blogs posting submissions.

It allows you to keep your website up to date with the latest updates and take full benefit of your CMS market by providing a contemporary, portable, responsive look and feel. With the integration of the Visual Composer plug-in, the Help Theme is a powerful application for creating any kind of WordPress based knowledgebase website.

Know-how is a favorite WordPress topic for the creation of a wiki type knowledgebase or website. It has been bought over 2,000 copies at the moment of the letter and provides all the functionality you need to provide your clients and endusers with an online backup asset. Like you would want from a best-selling WordPress theme, the theme is fully designed for use on a variety of display formats and handheld equipment.

Know-how does not trust in the often slandered WordPress standard retrieval function, but contains an AJAX-based real-time retrieval mask with automatic completion. The WordPress Knowledgebase topic also contains great assistance for the creation, maintenance and display of a frequently asked questions (FAQ). The integrated e-mail streaming capability also supports replies and tutorials.

It also contains a number of useful shortcuts, such as for pasting pushbuttons, column, warnings and shift keys, and there is even a short code constructor that you can use to create your own. KnowHow is a good option if you want a professionally looking design that displays your knowledgebase and other supporting documentation for your user, customer and customer.

Knowledgebase is another favorite option for building a Knowledgebase or FAQ website to help your products or services. In this case the theme has more personality and atmosphere than the know-how theme and is perfect to present the creativity of your team. Of course, the theme's look and feel is also suitable for mobile use, and the colors of the theme's Knowledgebase can be modified with an infinite selection of color combo.

This theme also features a face-to-face quest that automatically populates the user listing on the site using what's already there to help you find exactly what you're looking for in no time. The creation of a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) next to your database is also simple thanks to the integration of user-defined mail type for publishing responses to frequently asked question.

A number of user-defined widgets are associated with this topic, such as current postings and recent webcasts. The Knowledge Base also contains 17 shortcuts and a shortcode generator that you can use to convert your frequently used texts or codes into a user-defined one. You can also integrate the topic into your website so that you can create a thread for your website.

The Knowledge Base is very recommendable if you want a contemporary look that makes it as simple as possible for you to provide your clients, your clients and your company with your own solutions and your own personalities. Following the latest fashion designs, Altera allows you to create a knowledge base website for your trademark, your production or your company that has a neat and contemporary look that will attract those who value convenience and sophistication.

The Altera theme doesn't lack any feature under the bonnet, despite its incredibly easy look. Having an expansive and contracted head hard drive your traffic will never get bogged down or be looking for the next destination on your website. There are also many other neat details on the homepage that will allow you to give your website a little extra air while making sure it looks and feel like a professionally supported website that will share your manuals and manuals.

In order to give your knowledge base website a little personal touch, the Altera theme contains a number of Widgets that allow you to view contents from different types of community sites such as Flickr and Instagram. Because Altera is integrated into the free and beloved BMPress plug-in, creating a panel on your website is very simple and the inclusion gives you a uniform look and feel whenever a user switches between on-line documentations and fora.

When you want to help your customers and at the same place create a user base as well as a user base, the addition of a bbPress-based forums is a good way to do this. This topic contains a user-defined mail style for FAQs. That makes it very simple to keep the different kinds of contents on your website separated from each other.

Not only does this make managing the site simpler, it also means that it is simpler for your site to find what they are looking for. A large online web page is automatically completed with proposals using the contents in your knowledge base as your site hosts their queries, so they can easily see what contents are offered and find the answer to their question.

Alterna is a feature-rich WordPress theme that is also graced with good looks that will help you deliver a professionally -looking picture to your user, client or customer whenever they need assistance. There are four colored skin options in the knowledge base that let you change the overall look and feel of your website with ease.

It' s redesign and lay-out is also reactive thanks to the fact that this theme is a Twitter bootstrap frame. KnowledgeBase Theme home page provides a useful, living searching field for visitors, supported by AJAX, to automatically complement the user's listings on the basis of available contents on the site.

This design, however, contains three home page layouts that give you a number of choices to change the way your site welcomes your users when they first arrive on your site. Contents on the site can be organized and saved in various ways to accommodate the formats of each kind of contents.

Among these are frequently asked questions (FAQ) submissions, videos and full-page submissions in addition to the WordPress default one. Those widgets contain marked and recent items, a supported widget, as well as a quick link widget and a few other features. In addition, you have a choice of shortcuts to quickly add useful and appealing page items to your work.

KnowledgeBase WordPress does not deviate too much from the look and feeling of the KnowledgeBase. It does, however, contain just enough new functions and items to make your help pages work slightly better than those of your competition. You can get your customer service website up and running quickly without having to sacrifice the core functionality that helps you help your clients and end-users get the most out of your service.

One of the main enhancements to the basic theme is an easy-to-use theme customization console that uses the WordPress proprietary UI for smooth use. Also, the developer has usefully integrated five plug-ins that help to keep the functions of this bundle separated from the theme file. That is something you will appreciate if you ever choose to switch the subject in the near term.

So if you are planning to include periodic blogs in your database site, then this topic is a good choice thanks to the contained blogs posting template. After installing this topic, you can use your WordPress page as a web page and present this information in the best possible way.

Using iKnowledge, you can browse through the traditional way of adding your own brands to the FAQ pages. iKnowledge allows you to display the menus for your database website in a single drop-down list instead of the default horizontally.

Immediately this contributes to differentiate your website from the competitors and at the same time it is very simple to use from the customer's point of view. Whilst the look is visually pleasing, the designers of this theme have chosen to avoid it and focus on the contents you post - which is not a poor idea for a client or visitor site.

iKnowledge WordPress Theme includes a review system that allows reviewers to provide review responses to their WordPress article. It can help other people find the most useful contents. It can also serve as a good system of feed-back for your documenters, as it can help them enhance their contents to better fit your group.

Configuring the home page according to your needs is very simple thanks to the use of a home page widget area and a number of user-defined widgets. By dragging and dropping the home page items into the well-known WordPress administration side bar, you can easily make the right home page layouts. iKnowledge provides something different from the other WordPress knowledgebase topics and also contains some useful functions.

Ticketrama, as its name implies, is a topic for building a helpdesk website that allows your visitors and clients to open help line seats to get help. This topic also contains the possibility to build an on-line knowledgebase for the publication of documents and supporting items. That makes it very simple for them to hand in a ticketing and get connected to you through the right channel instead of just emailing you.

Contents saved in the knowledge base can be readily sorted by the category that has been assigned to each record, making it easy to find the document of interest. Designed entirely for use on portable gadgets, the contents are WPML-enabled for those who want to build a multi-lingual release or want to convert the text into another one.

When you need a helpdesk topic that contains a working ticket system to back up your service or product, you should take a close look at Ticketrama. Supportdesk gives you all the necessary utilities to set up and maintain your own on-line technical assistance center without having to make payments to third parties.

Our web site's online web site's online web site allows your users to immediately find exactly what they're looking for when they arrive, while those who want to find your supporting documentation can visit the site's Knowledge Base section or visit the bbPress-based online communities. In addition to the addition of knowledge base documentation, the Help Desk also provides assistance for FAQs by using user-defined mailings.

It' s fully reactive to the needs of portable operators, while the integrated color piccher makes it easy to customize the color of this theme. In order to make your contents more feature-rich than WordPress's default mail allows, the Support Desk contains a number of shortcuts that allow you to insert page items such as columns, buttons, alerts, warnings, switches, and tabulators directly into your work.

In order to help you get to grips with this topic, the designers have added a children's theme to the bundle to protect any changes you make to your site and avoid them being dropped when you make available them. It also includes the Trial Contents file to quickly fill your website with your own temporary contents, get your website up and running as quickly as possible, and publish the trial copy.

It uses a straightforward, brand-free backend topic option dashboard controls, and easy-to-understand operator manuals to help you quickly set up a fully featured database website. TecDesk is ideal for anyone who has difficulty creating a professional-looking helpdesk gateway that contains frequently asked questions (FAQs) and database functions to help back up their service and product.

Its homepage is truly stunning and allows you to view a large variety of your best supporting documents and contents to give your users a good first taste of your supporting services. With an AJAX-based automatic auto-complete lookup field, Live Find makes searching for the right technical assistance documents as simple as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are treated with a user-defined mail style specifically designed for this kind of Q&A topic. Administrators get many ways to customize the look of the design, thanks to the use of the beloved a theme options controlpanel frameworks. As a result, people without programming skills can quickly modify colors, scripts and more on the front end of their website.

Further remarkable functions are the display mode which supports high-resolution retinal images, a 100% fast response design, the Font Awesome Icons feature as well as a number of page styles and postal styles. TechDesk is unbeatable for a professional-looking helpdesk theme with many useful functions and adaptability possibilities.

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