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You can follow this article to learn how to update your WordPress Address URL and Site Address URL in your WordPress Dashboard or wp-config.php. Adding WWW to your WordPress urls You just purchased the flawlessomainname? That' great; now it's your turn to get down to it: design a badge, create your website, design your contents.

However, before all this you have a few important choices to make - I make those choices immediately with every new WordPress installation. Well, we've already talked about how important it is to select the permission link layout of your website from the beginning - it's less important which permission link layout you select; the most important thing is to stay with it.

Specifically, should you decide on a www or non-wwww URL? I would like to show you today how to properly set up your WordPress address. In the end, it doesn't really make any difference which one you pick. Your website's succes is not defined by a www or non-www link.

It is important that you adhere to it, no matter which one you decide to start with - we will soon come to the why. It doesn't make any difference if a user forgot to enter the www; they still end up on my homepage. Since www and non-wwww are used exchangeably by most web sites and web visitors, a basic re-direct is set up for them.

Your chosen URI depends entirely on your preferences. The majority of web surfers are experienced enough to realise that there is no distinction between the two. That' s because Google indexes your website on the basis of this first option. In the future, Google will search your website on the basis of your www/non-www settings and show your website on the server pages on the basis of these settings.

WordPress uses a nude, non-wwww-URL as default. In the WordPress Dashboard, simply click Preferences > General. On the whole, a WWW or a non-WWWW makes no distinction to your achievement. As many of you will know first-hand, however, choosing the right domainname can be a kind of possession.

Although it' s not important, the www or non-wwww is part of the actual address. Well, even though it doesn't really matters, it kind of does! Are you using www or non-wwww?

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