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A YouTube Enhances the administrative user experience and introduces a new functionality for those who want to monetise their pages with context-sensitive vi.ai videos. Enhanced GDPR conformance, with new data protection section: Enhanced subscription key and a new migrate function. Increased access for pop-up light box galeries. Add enhanced wizards and galery choices for Free and Per-User.

Enhanced PHP message handler. Added deletion to the per-user bindings. Auto continue playback for embedding placement lists and channels galeries. Possibility to include a YouTube channels subscriptions hyperlink to all your albums. Possibility to suppress the Previous/Next button and the page numbers. Selected pictures can now be dragged from playback lists (using the thumbnails of the first video).

Enhances HTTPS in Firefox for HTTPS as well as for textured datatags. Enhances the embedded capabilities of playlists and galeries. Updated to improve interoperability and add functions to the Free and Professional Gallery. Add the inheritance options. Improved Galerie setting for scroll, title and thumbnails. Address limits that some people have received when inserting a YouTube and/or Play List album.

Add startup videos for embedding playlists. Now you can launch a play list with a particular movie or let the plug-in launch itself with the last added movie. Add the possibility to automagically migration from the short code of another plug-in. Enhanced compatiblity with other plug-ins via the YouTube API.

Updated with enhanced hints (Free and Pro) and added page load speed to the Pro release with additional page chaining. Updated source for using YouTube API s3. Better access for Screenreader and miniature videos to provide picture display assistance. Website source information with each embedded key as an additional safety precaution.

By activating this checkbox, in YouTube/Google's own words, you are "preventing third parties from injecting harmful JavaScript into your site and taking complete command of your YouTube musician. Now with this release, the plug-in can recognize the standard website locale and adjust the YourTube embeddable player's port accordingly. Add an auto localization/internationalization so that you can change the user surface from English to another one.

Stronger focus on HTTPS sponsorship following Google's recent announcements to use HTTPS/SSL as the SEO/SERP beacon. There is a new iOS-related feature for Free and Professional user. In addition, the PRO user has the new portable compatiblity checks. Updated to provide enhanced design assistance for both Free and Protected Edition.

This also enhances the functionality of Per Model Viewer with improved scheme tags now. One at a glimpse rgex implromevent (all users). Resolves a seldom problem with the YouTube ID. The YouTube search and insert now also works in the text editors state. "Instant access" instant messaging on YouTube posts/pages. Possibility to integrate an whole canal as a play list embedded.

Explore your postings by adding extra features for your favorite videos (PRO). In light of the growing emphasis on data protection, no cookie choices have been added as a free choice for all subscribers. In this release, all assistant patrons can watch web videodiscussions. Because a lot of people couldn't find the assistant icon, we put it next to the Media tool.

Lastly, we have added audio signaling ( "video") SOE tag as a per choice. The possibility to define standard measurements has been added. Integrated YouTube movie searching, display and pasting directly from your editors tabs (for all users). Possibility to check the latest web discussion about a videotape you want to be embedded before it is embedded (PRO user).

In addition, the option to use the old distance formats has been added. Added new functionality for all users: laziness when you load your players and the possibility to fade out your players control elements for a clean look. Specifically, this update includes an easy-to-use YouTube Analytics Dashboard in this plug-in so you can find out much more about the video you publish.

If you want it to use the YouTube-related activities of your website to respond to how related question, please feel free to do so: by downloading it: To what extent do the YouTube video creators embedded by you depend on your site for viewing?

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