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The most important related terms for the forest are rosewood, plant and ruminant. Word brain themes: View all Word Specialist Forstantworten The Wordbrain Themes is the continuation of the successful Wordbrain series. But things are a little different this year! Every jigsaw has a theme, like music or family. Words in the jigsaw match this theme.

It' a really funny play and there are lots of different stages that will give you many playing lessons.

While there are only 5 riddles per theme to be played, it seems that there is a greater amount that does exist and is then shown to different random players, so take a look at the miniature views in each group, and if the answers aren't there, it would be great if you could enumerate the characters and or the answers to help other people.

If you list all the characters, begin at the top of the screen and go line by line. Or, if you are adding a new group to a level of challenge, simply post a comments on the home page of the site. Download Word Specialist Forest Responses.....

Waldholz bush bark[924 more]

You may have noted that words that refer to "tree" are mentioned above. 923 other words exist that are related or similar to the above mentioned trees. Most importantly, single words can have many different meaning, so if you're looking for a term like mean, the machine doesn't know what you' re looking for ("Bullies are mean" vs. "What do you mean?", etc.), so keep in mind that your request for words like ''tree'' for the machine can be somewhat equivocal in that respect, and the associated words that are given back can mirror that.

Which kind of term is Baum? These algorithms use words to embed words into many vector dimensions that reflect their meaning. By comparing the vocabulary of the words in your search with a vast array of precalculated vocabulary, you can find similar words. A different algorithms searches Concept Net to find words that have a useful relation to your request.

You' ll probably get some strange results from time to time - that's just the kind of motor it is now. Many thanks to the collaborators of the open sources used to present you this open word lists with trees: @Planeshifter, @HubSpot, Concept Net, WordNet and @mongodb. Here you can find

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