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In Afghanistan, two élite Czechs were wearing SS signs on their helms.

Recently returning from Afghanistan, two Bohemian leaders of the Fourth Brigade of Rapid Response Forces élite brigade, Czechoslovak commander, are carrying the Nazi SS brigade and division shields on their helmets in Logar for most of their service. The MfD reported that the same commander received an award last Friday in ?atec for their exemplary performance of the Afghanistan missions by the Minister of Defense Martin Barták and the Chief of General Staff Vlastimil Picek.

The MfD, however, reported that for the moment there are no indications that Barták and Picek knew about the Nazis' likes of the two tops. Captain Jan ?ermák and Hynek Matonoha were "decorated" with the SS Hohenstaufen and SS Dirlewanger Brigade shield.

" Picek was also caught off guard by the breaking news and called on the army policemen to step in before she left the state for state affairs. According to the newspaper, policemen working in Afghanistan had already told their supervisors about ?ermák and Matonoha's behaviour. More precisely, the commandant of the Logar contingents, Petr Procházka, only ordered the burning of the helmets with SS units symbols," wrote the MfD.

Procházka's order is said to have caused the destruction of photographs of the symbol, although only a few pictures have survived. Military troops warning their supervisors of the Nazi symbol in a note before turning to the MfD did not want their name to be known. Now I know these signs are SS symbol.

Matonoha carried two grenades, the mark of the SS Dirlewanger Bridge. "They' re college-educated troops, they' re élite troops, not teenagers. Unsurprisingly, the SS shield on their helms testifies to a worldview that is exactly the opposite of what the top troops of a NATO force should hold," Mazel said.

MfD' s article comes just a few weeks after the newspaper Luká? Sedlá?ek, which co-founded the neo-Nazi extremeist organisation White Justice, which prepares terror raids on nuclear plants and plans to kidnap policemen and "high-ranking Jews". Defence Minister Barták then ordered the exoneration of Sedlá?ek .

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