Working at Squarespace

Work at Squarespace

Squarespace employee reviews about Squarespace culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security and more. Find out how you are hired at Squarespace and what it's like to work at Squarespace through corporate culture, benefits, job opportunities and more. Mr. Charlton leads the engineering team behind Squarespace's own websites, such as the award-winning

So what do you get when you use this CMS? My full-time job was at Squarespace.

7 month (working on) square meters

So I think it's the right moment to give you a little insight into Squarespace living, whether you're a prospective candidate or just curious. Living at Squarespace is quite cute, so if you're looking for the latest scandal on filthy Tech Industrial dramas, go somewhere else. And I really appreciate everybody leaving.

Our employees and experienced staff go beyond that to make you well. Large medical coverage, 18 week pay maternity and paternity leaves with a flexibility transitional phase, free lunches and daily refreshments, the whole nine meters. Obviously, you have to get it cleared by your supervisor and not go away forever, but by and large enough they take ample holidays several days a year, no one is strangely passively aggressively when you need to take some personally available amount of your attention, and when you take good care of your work, everything is fine.

I always want a pint and table tennis at the end of the working afternoon, but most of the times it' s family, partner and a good life outside work. It seems that 100% of the employees I've ever taken are very good at their job and very, very, very, very, very intelligent.

I had some strange prejudices about Squarespace because of the Brandings before I worked here. so I figured that generally speaking, folks would be classy snoops. But I was right with the first thing - www. thing - people go to thing - people go to things - they don't employ idiots. There' s legacies in it that powered web sites before I grew up, but we're working to replace as much as we can.

Those guys make me make that face a lot: To read other people's public relations, participate in group discussion like our week-long frontend forum, and work together on issues is a fairly stunning piece of work. Square space provides services to million of webpages. This site represents the companies, life bases, portfolio, side ventures, event and more of them, so many individuals around the globe.

Each line of coding you type has a direct and immediate impact on the life of these individuals. It also means that if you destroy something, a bunch of folks will see it. For me I like the fact that it is a human products, not a corporate one.

The figures don't even affect the technology sector average (which is already quite sad). Managerial and leadership positions exist because real role changes (more interaction with individuals and relationship management, less coding), and of course seniors are mirrored in remuneration, but everyone is handled as equal as possible.

Anthony, our chief executive, is sitting at a desktop near me, and it's not uncommon for him to actually know what I'm working on and ask how it's going...and in general he would like to be let go on his own, it's a very welcome shortage of micro-management.

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