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Sending and receiving GoDaddy email from Gmail A few different instructions exist on how to link your GoDaddy accounts to Gmail, but I always found them flawed. This is a complete tutorial on how to link your GoDaddy email accounts to your Gmail accounts so that you can email and recieve email from your GoDaddy accounts via your Gmail inbox. In the Authentication Failed' news, janeOc from the commentaries has published a GoDaddy Technical Help fix that seems to solve the problem: searching for the email adress. Please click on the e-mail in order to process it. Return to your Gmail > Settings > Accounts and Import section of the settings, look at the "Send Mail As" section and click "Add another email address that you own.

We are not connected to Google or GoDaddy, although we use the product of both of them. Sign in to your Gmailccount. Specify the email that you want to include, and then click Next Steps. "If it is not apparent, do not specify "" in this or any other stage".

Type the email that you want to associate with your Gmail email adress. Important: If you use cPanel e-mail, use the POP Server "". Ensure that "Leave a copy of retrieved message is not checked on the server". In case you forgot, you will need to empty your GoDaddy email regularly or it will fill up.

Activate the "Label incomming message" checkbox so that you can see which e-mails originate from this adress. Please fill in your name and e-mail adress. If you select the "Treat as alias" checkbox, Gmail will be notified that this email addresses represent you and not, say, your supervisor. Important: When you use cPanel e-mail, the name of the transaction type FTP servers is "".

If you live in Asia or Europe, the name of the workspace email servers (not cPanel) is smtpout. asia.secureserver. net and smtpout.europe.secureserver. net. The username is your TOTAL e-mail adress. Then click Join Account. They should get an email acknowledgement to make sure you actually have the email addresses you added.

It goes to your new (GoDaddy) email adress - so we've made sure that we can get emails from that email adress before we setup the shipping. Please obey the authentication procedure for your user ID - it should be as easy as just click a hyperlink. Just checking your GoDaddy accounts every lesson or so... maybe longer.

Others find a 1-2-hour notification period for new email inacceptable. Sign in to your GoDaddy email centre (Wordspace Control Center). You do not have this setting if you are using cPanel e-mail. Instead, you have to create an e-mail forwarding agent, which I won't go into here. Select the email address you want to modify.

Select the "Send copy to" check box, type your Gmail email and then click Submit. As a result, every email you receive is forwarded to your Gmail email client as soon as it reaches you. Don't be afraid, if Gmail actually verifies your Gmail accounts, you won't end up with copies. It' ll only delete your GoDaddy input.

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