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Registration at GoDaddy not possible - Temporary issue? I try to log in to GoDaddy, but it keeps giving me the following error: Something went bad. What is different from the bug I get when I enter a bad password: The authentification miscarried. Sorry, you have typed in the wrong user name or passphrase. Hello, I have the same here in the UK, can't log in - I have typed in my login/password as normal.

Hopefully it will work out soon, hello, I have the same thing here in the UK, can't log in - enter my login/password as normal. Hopefully it will come loose soon, click to enlarge..... I' m worried it's some kind of way to get your bank details. Hi, I came in this mornin' without any problem. The same here in Hindustan....

I was about to go mad, but since you all have the same issue, it's probably just an intern issue. Yes, I thought so too, at first, but then the odd bug (other than the fake user/passport message) made me think there was a GoDaddy issue.

Want to know if it's related to my affiliate accounts or generischer, and I'm worried it's more generischer. The same problem can't be logged on the goddady homepage or my website Builder gets "Yikes! Something went bad. I would like you to reenter your data and try again" I cannot log in either..... Somehow strange, because I get my validating key via SMS after typing my secret key, but can never get to the computer to type it.

The same login problems. So why can't they just say on their login panels that they have problems? By the way, is there anyone who doesn't have that kind of trouble? So have I, but I can log in now. To those who still have the same problems. Look for "my account" in Godaddy's back and open it.

Login from there. The problem began almost 20h ago at this end internally for hours...many log-in problems yesterday...urgh!

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