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The Hola Launcher is the fastest and smallest launcher in the world. Twelve best MIUI themes to make your Xiaomi look like a Stock Android. Whether you like it or not, Xiaomi's MIUI is one of the best individual Android skies on the market. MIUI 10 is even better with the user-defined interface, which offers many interesting functions not found in AOSP. However the overall look is too colourful, and some folks like me favour the look of Stick Android.

Now, if you're someone who has a Xiaomi with MIUI, but would rather like the standard Android look, continue reading as we review 10 of the best MIUI topics you can add to your unit to make it look like you're using Share Android: Please note: If you are using an Xiaomi phone, please open this item on your phone to be taken directly from the link to the online shop.

Hint: I tried the following topics on my Redmi Grade 5 with MIUI 9.5, and they all worked well. Please be aware, however, that some designs may not nativeize to 18:9 image format equipment, and for the same reasons problems may occur. The Android 9 Pie is here, so you can't be accused of looking for a theme that looks similar to the new look.

Android P theme is inspired by Android Pie, and as you can see it has the same white-blue design all over the square. Indeed, the quick-set symbols are so well crafted that anyone would confuse your unit with a real Android 9 pie.

So if you're in the mood for white people and want your machine to look like Android P, this might be the design for you. Android P turned out to be a pie and not a pineapple, but it's still a great theme. Actually it is one of the clearest topics of the batch and looks very similar to Android 9 Pie.

Design provides a neat and tidy boat together with fast Android Pie-style set-up. On the other side, the lock screen is a bit off the marking on my unit, because the design doesn't allow an 18:9 ratio. Nevertheless, if you can look beyond the screen, you will get an AOSP near the camp account what this is about.

Pixel Experience is one thing, but having exactly the same look as Google Pixel 2 is another. Now, this subject is all about This Google Pixel 2 theme has exactly the same Pixel 2 look and offers over 1100 floor icon's and the new Google Pixel 2 boat floor Animation.

To me, the subject worked quite well, and although I sometimes noticed a little delay, I wouldn't really attract much attention. Only problem I was confronted with was that I had to use the MIUI Theme Editor to setup it (for free), because it is a third Party Theme.

Pure Android P is another MIUI theme from Android 9 Pie. This theme has one of the most clean looks out there and does a really good job to replicate the overall look of Android Pie. Fast adjustment symbols have their own shadows and actually look like a mixture of Android Pie and MIUI.

It comes with a still of Pixel 2's real-time background and looks quite well. But the lock screen might be something that has a split view because it looks just like the Home screen. The Android One is one of the purest Android shapes available to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and the same applies to this topic here.

Android One theme looks quite similar to those on Android One machines, with the round symbols, folders symbols, pixel Widget and much more. Symbols in the toolbar are also very similar to those in your browser's window. I am very much interested in this topic myself, just because it doesn't just put a bunch of bell and pipe in it, but looks just like Stock Android should.

Origin is an open code themed open project that features Android 8. Oreo Zero Oreo gives your Xiaomi unit a fundamental look. It is free to be downloaded and consists of the transparent wharf, the round symbols, the notice panel and the castle display, similar to that of Android. There is also a modification of the default AOSP and the default AOSP looks quite similar.

Android Origin also comes with a great wallpaper kit, so if you're looking for a MIUI theme that looks perfect on AOSP, Android Origin is easy to be one of the top addresses. Like the name says, the design is already Android 8, Android Oreo. Comes with the round pixel symbols, the times and dates widget, the materials setting screen and the message aperture.

However, the only areas where the theme is lacking gloss are dialers, in-call UI, and third-party application themes. Apart from that, the theme is quite sound and provides a sturdy Android feel. On the other side the lock screen is a good mixture of stick Android and MIUI. When you like appearance without real function, then pixel N is the theme for you.

Essentially, this design brings many additional optical components to your machine and combines a pixel and Android nougat feel. The design substitutes the standard symbols with round pixel symbols and draws the alert shadow in fabric dark, which I really like. You' ll now see an even more sophisticated pixel launch with an apple tray and a Google apple on the right, but many of these UI functions have been falsified and only work to compromise the overall viewing pleasure.

Nevertheless, this is a really great topic that will give you the basic knowledge for an Android-like look. As one of the most current and widely used MIUI themes for Stick Android Look, the pixel theme is a simple recommendation for anyone who wants to enjoy the, well, pixel-like sensation on their MIUI-equipment.

It' s essentially a stick android nougat styled theme with working pixels wide get, along with pixels styled icon styles, pixels styled system theme and even new playlist and WhatsApp designs. This may be made from Android nougat, but it is indisputably strong and you will still get a full Android look.

Cane Android is great, but there are also certain things I really enjoy about IxygenOS, especially because it combines cane AOSP with its own UIlements. Now, if you have the same emotion, oxygen 999 is just the thing for you. This theme offers you a stocked Android Nougat Home Screen, Lock Screen and In-Call Adventure.

Its design makes your unit look like the OnePlus 3/3T, which I like very much myself, but it comes with the costs of a badly rendering lock screen. No, no, I'm not asking you to have the AOSP Extended Customizing RAM installed on your unit, even though it's one of my favourite RAMs out there.

Nevertheless, the aim of the expanded theme of these AOSPs is to give you almost the same "extended" look on your MIUI as well. One of the features of the expanded theme is the fact that the theme is round and contains circle symbols together with a deep grey/black theme all around. Most of all, I like the fast adjustments in this theme that allow a clear view of the backdrop.

Its design is one of the most robust I've ever used, and although it's not AOSP in itself, it's better in every way, thanks to its sturdiness and user-defined symbols. Okay, this isn't a Stick Android or AOSP, but let's face it, the probable point why you're looking for an AOSP-like design is that you want a clean one.

Now, this subject provides exactly that. Name-X is one of the most moderated topics out there and still has bright lights on the resource. This theme follows a black-and-white colour combination that focuses on improving visually. There is a user-defined lock screen, fast access options, and what not Widget.

On this subject, everything is dark and whitish, and frankly, I like it. So if you are not into AOSP and just want a clean-looking theme, just put your faith in me, Name-X Light is one of the best out there. Théming is one of the best parts about fitting in Android, and MIUI gives you the ability to blend and customize the able parts of a different theme to get the desired effect from the unit.

Use Xiaomi's natively customizable theme to choose a set of symbol packages, padlock styles, keypad, progress bars, and more to substitute for the MIUI natively look. Whilst there are many topics in the Mi Theme Store, the above should help you get a stick Android look for your colourful MIUI theme.

Personal, I loved the Android P theme because it's all the rage, but what about you? Please let us know about your favourite topic in the commentaries below.

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