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To connect the world with the stories that are important. Stories behind the World Press Photo Awards. 2018 World Press Photo Learn more about Canon Professional Services, complete with advantages and how to join. Find here an answer to a variety of common Canon Professional Services related issues. Find here some of the World Press Photo Awards' unique highlights, which include informative World Press Photo Awards winner interviewing and a guideline on when the World Press Photo Awards exhibit will visit a nearby photo art store.

Could photo-journalism outlive? Photo-journalists, sector specialists and judges of the World Press Photo Contest debate the importance of photo-journalism, how the sector can thrive in the era of electronic photography and what constitutes an award-winning photo.

Montréal World Press Photo | 2018

The thirteenth edition of World Press Photo Montréal will be presented at Marché Bonsecours (Old Montréal) from 29 August to 30 September 2018. Details will follow. The winning photos of the most renowned professional competition in the world will be on display. In 2018, 4500 photographers from 125 countries submitted a grand total of 73,000 pictures.

Alexandre Champagne, born 1985 in Quebec, has been photographing since the age of seven, first in film and then in the art of the darkroom. In 2013, he and his then spouse Marilou Bourdon founded the blog entitled Frois Foiis Paris Journey recipe and Art, which was created out of a desire to improve people's relationship with food.

Three times a day it broadcasts from several platforms (web, journals, books and television). Champagne Alexandre has participated in every edition of the World Press Photo Montreal. Known for the compositions and aesthetics of his paintings, he has been working on his own projects since 2017. He owns a photo studios, in which he executes commercial but also philanthropic contracts, which take care of the return to the community.

He teaches photography and finalizes his first book on the subject to enable as many people as possible to familiarize themselves with the photographic potential of smartphones. This book is the art of making all your photographs a success with your soll cell phone im Herbst 2018 bei Editions Cardinal erscheinen.

Oxfam-Québec is working for the seventh time with World Press Photo Montréal to present its exhibition Regards, which will highlight 45 years of success with women in their struggle for equality around the world. The exhibition Photos Dan la rue, presented for the first time, is the result of a photo workshop project for homeless or vulnerable young people.

During these workshops, which will last several months and start in autumn 2017, around thirty young people explored their creativity and developed their self-confidence. With their eyes and the rental lens, they recorded everyday life in Montreal with portrait and momentary images. Photographers Alexandre Lepage and Alejandra Ariza volunteered to carry out this project in cooperation with Monica Mandujano, the psychosocial staff member of the art workshop at the Dans la rue day center.

The ICI RDI presents the work of the foreign correspondents of Radio Canada with their own eyes. Alexandre Champagne's photographic gaze and encounters on the post-tragedy of the Centre culturall iclamique de Québec. Alexandre Champagne's photographic gaze and encounters on the post-tragedy of the Centre culturall iclamique de Québec. Ten years later, La Presse shows today's Montreal North through the eyes of a sports team.

A team of young fighters who didn't have it easy. Well, Ni dan la vie. Mmm. Photojournalist: Martin Tremblay - Journalist: Caroline Touzin. At a time when digital platforms offer documentary enthusiasts a wide choice, Planète+ is relying on its programmes to arouse Quebec's curiosity.

In the Planète+ room, located on the Marché Bonsecours basement, the audience will be invited to a quotation inspired by this programme.

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