World press Photo 2016

2016 World Press Photo

The World Press Photo finds less manipulated entries in this year's photojournalism competition. World Press Photo Contest 2016 Award Laureates Winners of the 59th yearly World Press Photo Contest have just been revealed. 2016 photo is a vivid night picture of fugitives crossing the Hungarian-Serbian frontier with razors, taken by Warren Richardson, a professional geographer. According to the organisers, 82,951 photographs were entered for evaluation this year, taken by 5,775 photographs from 128 nationalities.

Laureates were selected in eight different category areas, among them current affairs, everyday life, general news, long-term projects, nature, human beings, sports and spot news. The World Press Photo was kind enough to allow me to show you some of this year's winner pictures here. Go to the next and preceding photo by entering j/k or ?/?.

World Press Photo Contest 2016 Award Laureates

Immigrants who cross the borders from Serbia to Hungary. Press photo of the year 2015. World Press Photo Competition 2016 winner prizes have been chosen, and the pictures chosen represent a year of turmoil and excitement from around the world. Warren Richardson's winner picture, Hope for a New Life by Australia-based Warren Richardson, shows a shocking scene on the Hungarian-Serbian frontier when a man leads a child through bars of bare metal in August last year.

An autodidact, he camping with a group of 200 persons who tried to transcend a line for almost a whole weekend while taking pictures of their unfortunate situation. For five whole nights I spent with the fugitives at the frontier. Must have been about five hrs with that crews and we were playing cats and mice with the cops all dark.

The time was about three in the afternoon and you can't use lightning while the cops are trying to find these guys because I would just give them away. Here you can see a choice of our favourite photos, but here you can see a whole galery of the winner of the 59th World Press Photo Contest.

Finals were chosen from 82,951 photographs by 5,775 contributors from 128 different nationalities. Photographs with kind approval of photographs and/or their representative, here with approval of the World Press Photo Contest. The chameleon's under pressure. Daniel Ochoa de Olza, La Maya tradition. Sitting on an alter during the festivities of Las Mayas on the roads of the small town of Colmenar Viejo near Madrid, Spain, on Saturday, May 2, 2015, a Mayan maiden celebrates the birth of Las Mayas.

Young women between the ages of 7 and 11 are selected as "Maya" and should spend a few silent, serious and peaceful moments sitting in an alter on the road adorned with flower and plant decorations, after which they go to school with their families and take part in a wedding celebration. No more than four or five maidens are selected as Maya each year.

August 26, 2015. Leftist Lamon Reccord, berating a policeman during a demonstration against policing and marching in the Chicago State and Randolph boulevards on Wednesday, November 25, 2015. Kevin Frayer, Bliss Dharma Assembly on 30 October 2015 in UNSPECIFIED, China. Kevin Frayer on 10 December 2015 in UN DESCRIPTION, China.

BRATISLAVA: PRESIDENT, SERBIA - OCTOBER 7, 2015: The majority of Serbian trafficked persons try to go on their way to Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and other European Union states. The Tapajós River, Itaituba, State of Pará, Brazil, 10 February 2015. Sun worshipper who doesn't notice the strange shell plume coming near - on the Bondi shore.

In the case of a dramatic meteorological phenomenon that took place only a few days a year, a huge "cloud tsunami" rises above Sydney. A huge rock plume came in from the ocean, turning the skies almost dark and causing heavy storms. Picture taken on 13 December at 22:24, 12 o'clock.

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