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Premium Plan and below websites can run WordAds that optimize shoppers, Google AdSense included, but they can't self-administer ad serving as well. If you blog about readings, songs you like, clothing that inspires your imagination, readings you like, readings you like, or whatever interests you and your reader, you are free to publish your favorite related link with either text or pictures.

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What of these pictures should be the world press photo of the year?

The World Press Photography has unveiled the six shortlisted photographers for the final of the year, thus breaching a decade-long history of awarding prizes just after the awards ceremony. Further Grand Prix finals are Patrick Brown of Panos Pictures for a Rohingya Picture for Unicef, Toby Melville of Reuters for a London Consequences Picture and Ronaldo Schemidt of Agence France-Presse for a Venezuela Picture.

Of these, fifteen had already won prizes at earlier World Press Photography competitions. And the shortage of females for the grand final, which usually goes to a newspaper photograph, may also mirror the fact that only 16 per cent of this year's contestants were females, only a small increase over last year.

It also helped World Press Photo encourage more girls to submit applications. She added that World Press Photo worked tirelessly to reach African, Latino, Asiatic and feminine photographs. Ms Herrera said that the processing of images led to some photographs and histories being discarded. By using cookie and similar technology, we can help you identify your repeated visitors and preferences, gauge the efficiency of our advertising campaign, and analyse your visitor behavior.

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