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International Press Freedom Day

May 3rd

Ever since, the Windhoek Declaration's annual event on 3 May has been hailed as World Press Liberty Day. Celebrating 2018, the topic emphasises the importance of a favourable regulatory framework for press freedoms and pays particular regard to the importance of an impartial judicial system in guaranteeing regulatory safeguards for press freedoms and the pursuit of crime against journalist.

This topic also seeks to examine loopholes in the law on Internet freedoms of opinion and information and the risk of regulation of online speaking. As part of the Agenda for Sustainable Development of 2030, the contributions of reporters and members of the press are most closely linked to the goal of sustainable development (SDG) 16 of creating peaceful, just and institutional power.

International Press Freedom Day

Each year, 3 May is a date on which the basic rules of press liberty are celebrated in order to assess press liberty worldwide, protect the press from attack on its autonomy and honour those journalist who have died in the work. This is an opportunity to educate people about press freedoms infringements - a memory that in tens of different nations around the world publication is bullied, fineed, suspended daily and shut down while journalist, editor and publisher are bullied, assaulted, arrested and even killed.

This is a date to promote and promote press liberty promotion and development and to evaluate the state of press liberty globally. May 3 will remind delegations of the need to honour their commitments to press freedoms and will also be a forum for discussion among journalists on press freedoms and business ethics. 3 will also be a forum for the exchange of views between them.

Equally important, the World Press Freedom Convention is a celebration of supporting the press, which aims to restrict or abolish press freedoms. This is also a memorial event for the journalist who died searching for a history.

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