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This is the world's fastest framework for creating websites. Maybe I wrote the fastest loading website in the world! 6 fastest web host of 2018 (see server speed results)

However, you are not looking for any web hosts - you are doing research on the most dependable, fastest web services you can get because you know how important it can be for on-line business. As you surf just for pleasure, prepare for your lessons - you'll learn how selling your own product is directly affected by using it.

We' ve already talked about it before, but let us briefly explain why it' s really important to have speed: For this reason you should not only pay attention to inexpensive webhosts - you can cut costs more, but you will lose in tens of millions of missed selling chances. So if you are looking for a fast referral for the fastest web host for your site, we would choose SiteGround.

Please find our complete reviews on SiteGround. How much performance does a faster hosting have? It is not the same as the website performance. This is the amount of times the machine needs to react to a query from a particular clients. Google says the optimum answer to your question is 200 ms.

Comparison of speed: Who' s the fastest webmaster? We have taken 6 of the hotest web-hosting brands and carefully tried each of their servers running at top performance, broken down their functions, searched their pricing and fully documented everything we found so that you can choose the best web-hosting for your company for yourself with ease.

"It'?s a quick and dependable one. "We' ve already made it clear that we love SiteGround very much. Actually, a year ago we switched from Inmotion Hosted to SiteGround and never took a look back! WordPress supports them formally (it's kind of a big thing, people!), and this kind of appreciation is only given to web hosters who fulfill the high WordPress requirements.

In terms of performance, SiteGround is in A+ place with a global averaging of 148 ms, similar to Liquid Web for only a small part of the time. You have 5 datacenters in 3 geographies, so you can choose the one that is nearest to your targeted clients to optimise their serverspeed.

Clever flare enable ment is built into the system, so you want even quicker performance at the touch of a finger. In fact, we also did a SiteGround Cloud Hosted serverspeed test, with great results. This is what you are looking for, take a look at our extensive SiteGround reviews!

"Our second option at Near Web hosting is nothing but Inmotion Hosted. Or if SiteGround didn't already exists, we would probably offer Inmotion hosted services. Inmotion gives you the option of 2 computer centres - US East & US West. That' not too bad considering the remoteness of Singapore from US datacenters.

Overall, the global mean of Inmotion is a very high 149. Personal, if we are specifically targeted at US clients, then our prime choices would be Webhosting Inmotion, for their outstanding US speeds and an outstanding US customer service staff dedicated to solving your problems! "HostGator is one of the big guys in webcasting and probably one of the most popular webcasters out there.

Everyone quickly expected HostGator's cloud provisioning services to be good, and the kid made it; their responsiveness around the world is constantly quick, which is amazing as their datacenters are American. Indeed, HostGator has actually tried the best of all the host we've enumerated here, with a global mean of 144 ms.

That' without Cloudflare, we can only guess how incredible quick they would be if we turned them on. Also our HostGator Cloud test page showed an availability of 100%! "Ideal for small business and face-to-face websites running on WordPress. "Those who know know know that A2 is taking its performance very seriously.

They' ve put a great deal into making their server quick and easy, and they have reaction times to show it off. Unless you've never even listened to your Turbo Web Hosted Server, it will be optimized specifically to give us huge speedups. Your optimized applications (Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Opencart, etc.) are all adapted to work more efficiently, which results in a shorter load-times.

In order to serve customer needs around the world, S2 Hosting has established 4 datacenters - 2 in the USA, 1 in Amsterdam and 1 in Singapore - so we can select the best site for our needs. Take a look at our servers performance tests: First test we conducted was a test site housed on the A 2 Turbo Plan, with the datacenter in the USA.

Results were great with a healthy global mean of 162. Next, we tried the Swift schedule with the Singapore based servers. At 176 ms the global mean was a bit slow, but Sao Paulo and Sydney pegs didn't do too well and arrived at over 300 ms. "Next on our shortlist of fastest web hosters is Kinsta Managerial WordPress Hosting.

Kinsta was developed with Google's very own Cloud technology and uses Google's leading-edge technology and 15 datacenters, making it the FASTest web host we've ever seen. They have a dozen years of WordPress expertise, and they have invested that expertise in developing the best and fastest WordPress hosted solutions you've ever seen.

Kinsta's next-gen technology and KeyCDN deployment enables us to download your web site in just a split second, as our performance test results show: The global median was 36. Four ms, which led us to say that Kinsta (and KeyCDN) is really the web host's bright side.

"Ideally suited for enterprise WordPress hosting" Last but definitely not least on our shortlist, we have Liquid Web, the oldest bath guy around the bloc. Liquid Web was founded long before the founding of Google and knows every knack in the books to speed it up, and they have integrated all their expertise and speed hacks into their web hosting service.

It covers a wide variety of hosted needs, but we will include your Managed WordPress needs here. As with any premier web hoster, Liquid Web provides limitless page views across all its Managed WordPress schedules, so you don't have to fear interruption of your business, regardless of your audience. Tooling to optimise your information provision is on a level with the others and uses state-of-the-art technologies in your infrastructures to shorten load time.

You have 3 computer centres in the USA (US East, US West, US Central). While we were a little uneasy with their pricing (from $69 per month), but with 600 employees who are tough, a global averaging 159 ms and Managed WordPress Hosting Service professionals, Liquid Web definitely earned its place on this bar.

Like SiteGround, they are highly commended by WordPress for their commitment to their infrastructures and outstanding technical assistance teams (750 people, all educated and available around the clock). Non A+ rated like our web host listed above, but they are still a sound A with a global mean of 188 ms. You need to make sure that you select the datacenter that is nearest to your targets, as it doesn't seem so great the further away the queries are from the server.

You' ve got datacenters in India, China, London and America, so you can pick from a variety of choices! Robust, dependable datacenters, powerful technical staff, state-of-the-art infrastructures, Git interoperability and CloudFlare integrations that work. What makes them unique, however, is not how they burden things more quickly (this is already self-evident), but what they do with the business.

You' ll make the whole wide open space more green if you use GreenGeeks to run your website. They are not as quick as our Top 6, but they are still regarded as SPEED! With a global mean of 190 ms, they're still in A place, quicker than Google's suggested answer-times.

But your datacenters are only located in the US, Canada and Amsterdam, so if you have Asia in mind, you may not be able to see it at its optimal pace. The GreenGeeks EcoSiteStarter program begins at just $5. 95 a months, but keep in mind you're not the only one who benefits from their services - you're doing the world a favor just by hooking up with GreenGeeks!

And if we only had to stay with one web host tag for the remainder of our life, we would definitely rely on SiteGround. While all the franchises presented in this review are fantastic, with world-class services and technology, SiteGround is the fastest hosted franchise we've ever seen, similar to other franchise franchises' fastest hosted services!

You use a combined hard- and softwares to make them the FASTEST common hosts, such as Coupled with one of the best support crews we've had the privilege of working with, SiteGround simply drives the rival out of their minds. Please check their website for more information. For more information about SiteGround, we recommend that you review our extensive SiteGround Hosted Analytics.

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