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Check-In and Check-Out Times | FAQ

Check-in time is 16:00 for Disney Deluxe Villas, 15:00 for the other Disney Resort Homes. Check-out time is 11:00. Once you have arrived at your Disney Resort destination, please check in at reception and we will make available all your Disney Resort attraction ticket (s) contained in your Disney Resort accommodation plan - even if it is before the usual check-in time.

If you take full advantages of Disney?s Magical Express Transport, we can ship your baggage directly to your room as soon as it is available, so you are free to enjoy the Walt Disney World Resort. Disney Resort Hotel's Magical Express Transport can only be accessed by selected Disney Resort Hotel's. See a full listing of Disney Resort Hotels at Walt Disney World Resort.

Examination of the facts of Trump's speech to the United Nations

At the world body's AGM on Tuesday, President Trump made misleading allegations about his own balance sheet, the Islamic state, the Yemen conflict, reaction to the Iranian Atomic Treaty and the trading shortfall. Mr Trump ratted off a long list of accomplishments on the business side, control cutbacks, military expenditures and the brink - many of them cherry-chosen, excessive or bad.

Rightly, the US equity markets are skyrocketing and Hispanic, African and Asian-American unemployments have hit historic low levels. In addition, Mr Trump has a relatively small number of invoices to sign in comparison with other governors, even in similar places in their condition. As the New York Times recently reports, the Islamic state has come down to its last 200 sq km, about 1 per cent of the land it previously owned in Iraq and Syria.

We still have "remaining pockets" of Islamic state militants in Syria and Iraq, and they still pose a threat to the freedom and safety of both nations, Col. Sean J. Ryan, a defense ministry speaker, said to journalists on September 18. Mr Trump is right that the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have provided funding to alleviate human crisis in Syria and Yemen.

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are the two main contributors to the United Nations relief effort in Yemen, which together contribute nearly one billion dollars. Quatar also provided $500,000 to the United Nations Reaction Plan. Saudi Arabia this year in Syria gave $18.6 million to the global body's relief effort and $24.3 million in 2017.

Apart from the dollar, it should be noted that the United Nations and groups of fundamentalists have declared that the Yemen current refugee situation has been worsened by the country's ongoing conflict. Since 2015, a Saudi Arabia-led governing coalition has been fighting against Iranian-linked Houthi insurgents, who have driven President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi's administration out of Yemen.

In an August UN investigation the Saudi Arabia-led ruling coalition was charged with possible acts of terrorism, among them the accusation of having killed thousand of citizens in air raids, tortured prisoners and recruited children troops. In the same article, the Houthi insurgents were also charged with possible acts of terrorism. Reactions to the withdrawal of the United States from the Iranian atomic treaty in May in the Near East were more diverse than Mr Trump's assertion would suggest.

Saudia Arabia, the U.A.E., Bahrain and Israel made declarations in support of Mr Trump's ruling. Syria, Iraq and Lebanon were disappointed. The Jordanian Secretary of State cautioned against a possible armament build-up in the area without the EA. Qatar, Egypt, Kuwait and Oman made careful declarations stressing their commitment to Middle East pacification but failing to adopt clear stances on the United States' retreat.

The New York Times and others have repeated that Mr Trump overestimates the number by about $250 billion. According to the Census Bureau, last year the United States had a total $552 billion dollar trading shortfall. Among these was a goods shortfall of $807 billion, compensated by a $255 billion service surpluses.

Mr Trump's concern with goods trading goes against his own White House economics paper, which he endorsed and published in February.

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