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Weltuhr says more than just time. Simply brush your favorite cities to your Start menu/screen to create live clock tiles. The Live Start screen tiles show the day and time without opening the app. "Atomic clocks" in labs around the world, including the U.S.

Naval Observatory. Suppose you live in Houston, Texas, which is Central Standard Time (U.S.).


Weltuhr says more than time. It'?s a live image of our evolving world. This world clock is too big for a giant page. Browse down the page for more statistics, sources, and accurate charts with accurate growthrates. The standard computes the annual rate of increase from the beginning of the year - Mth, from the first of the monthly - Vk from the beginning of the weekly - and Now computes the annual rate of increase from the point at which Now is called.

To display a chart of overall percentage rate of increase, scrolling to the bottom of the page. We' re showing two kinds of statistics: Grows Status shows the number since the beginning of the chosen year. Childbirths are an example of a rate of increase. The totals show the actual totals or populations, not just demographic increase.

Filter do not count for total statistics.

Weltzeituhr - World Time Clock - Reflected Sun

You have to make a Tokyo call - if it is 9 a.m. Thursday, Tokyo time, what time is it for you? Is Japan using summer time? Skipping the arduous computations - with the world time clock you get an immediate display of date and time for chosen towns around the world.

No need to even open the application to see the actual time in the most important places. Simply brush your favourite towns to your home menu/screen to make live clocks. "is your own lists of places." With our uncomplicated "Call Planner" you receive a clear representation of the concurrent hours in chosen towns for the coming important appointments.

Tools that display convertations only for the actual time/date don't give you everything you need. the world time clock. Don't get caught in a listview or timezonemap. It gives you the freedom to display your information on a card, in your favourites or in the call scheduling board.

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