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Greenwich Mean Time - Zulu Time GMT Greenwich, England, has been home to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) since 1884. Sometimes GMT is referred to as Greenwich Meridian Time because it is recorded by the Greenwich Meridian Line at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. The Greenwich is the place from which all time belts are located. The GMT is world time and the foundation of each world time region, which adjusts the time of the day and stands in the middle of the time region chart.

The GMT will set the actual time or the offical time around the world. The GMT is used to measure most changes in time. Though GMT has been superseded by nuclear time (UTC), it is still widely considered to be the right time for any jurisdiction. The Greenwich Mean Time is the global time, the foundation of the world time watch.

The GMT indicates precise time and army time (sometimes known as Zulu time). Specifies the date and time as well as the time. In order to keep GMT synchronized, the clock is set by milliseconds. Greenwich, England location:

2018 Little League World Championship: Time, TV/livestream information for cover match

The Honolulu Little League defeated a Seoul, South Korea side with dominating pitch on Sunday to win the 2018 Little League World Series at Lamade Stadium in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. This was the forth exclusion in five matches for Hawaii, who did not allow a run in their last three matches of the competition.

In five matches, Honolulu beat their rivals 26-3 and won the first Little League World Series championship for Hawaii since 2008 and the third overall. Korea, the internationals' champion, had their own outstanding competition and beat their opponent 21-7. Kim defeated eight in four innings for Seoul on Sunday.

On Sunday, the Little League World Series 2018 will decide a championship when the US winners from Hawaii will compete against the South Korean winners (15.00 ET, ABC). The South Seoul Little League won Japan 2-1 in South Korea and overtook the Honolulu Little League children Peachtree City, Georgia 3-0.

Seoul' s children beat their rivals 21-4 in their four matches, two of which were victories over Japan. Honolulu defeated their rivals 23-3 and scored three losses, two of them in a row. 2 of them were the first to be eliminated. Korea has won the Little League World Series three and a half years, among them a side from Seoul in 2014.

Japan won the match for third place against Georgia on Sunday.

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