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Show the time in big cities from all over the world. To update the times displayed, click the Refresh button on your browser. Now, David Letterman and Jay Leno may not have so much fun at Hoosier State anymore. Time can be displayed in cities around the world under your master clock. This user-friendly, modern time zone converter lets you quickly convert Pacific Standard Time (PST) to Eastern Standard Time (EST).

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Global standards for co-ordinated world time are now shortened to short form UTTC. Actual GMT (or Greenwich Mean Time) is displayed directly above the world chart, and this start time region for world time is indicated by an OK (in the invisible yellow square) at the bottom of the chart.

Please be aware that in Greenwich, England, summer time is never taken into account for calculating this time. Except for summer time (if applicable), the numbers in each time area ( either side of UTC) indicate the number of times you should sum or deduct to find the actual time in your area of interest.

In order to find out whether a particular state, isle, provincial, state or area is currently using daylight saving time, click on the corresponding time zones chart on the right. During standard time, for example, the US state of California is displayed with -8. To set the actual time in California, deduct 8 hour from the below specified time.

Turkey, on the other side, is indicated with +2, so you can find the actual time in Turkey by simply adding 2 additional hour to the below mentioned time. A number of governmental bodies make choices about deviating from the standard regarding LTC. The Venezuela is -4 1/2, the Canada Isles Newfoundland is -3½ hours from us, and some smaller Polynesian Isles are -9½, while the Pitcairn Isles are -8½.

Shanghai, China, is considered the most populous town in the world.

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