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The worst thing you can do to a customer is to keep him waiting. Worst WordPress topic ever. Best (and worst) theme options screens in town.

To be the worst WordPress Creator on the planet (in 8 increments or less)

It was the first Apple to bring slim styling to the market. Today, every new look has to be shallow (not to be confused with "fall flat", which is a bit different, but the same on many levels). Briefly, here is why you should choose WordPress slim designs: It makes it simple to persuade your customers that what they get is the ultimate highlight of WordPress fashions these days. What they get is the best of WordPress fashions.

So what else could a WordPress interpreter do?! That'?s your customer's trouble! It'?s your trouble to make the site beautiful! A few folks say that everything we do is a mix - that everything we do is a variation of something someone else has already done, or a mix of a number of things.

Now, these guys are mistaken! That' s not the way a true WordPress interpreter does things! Remember that when someone is writing about a particular issue and whatever solutions he has, it is almost always for his particular circumstances and no longer. Ignore it, especially if the suggested fix will require extra work from your side, in addition to what you are already doing.

The WordPress is actually quite nice, but the trouble is that an empty WordPress page looks kind of empty. Two great fixes are available: Drop new plug-ins on the website until the look and feel is full enough. When you ask me, the No. 2 is much simpler to deploy. Here is a very useful set of plug-ins that will help you fill every side bar and every widget area that is available to you: calendars plug-ins, slider controls, latest postings, favorite postings, casual postings, comments widgets, online preset person count widgets, watch widgets that let you know what date it is, guestbooks, blog scrolls (a was?), customized Tagclouds.

On the other side, however, I also somehow don't like it because these things are actually out there and a lots of folks sign them. What I appreciate is what I'm trying to say is that we should all be very cautious about the way we do our designs / WordPress work.

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