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Certified WOW E-Commerce Manager (CECM)

WOW has developed the following policies, goals and ressources as a basis for those who pursue wisdom, expertise and/or career as e-commerce professionals and/or webmasters, on the basis of research into sector needs and skills considered indispensable for web technologists. Policies, goals and ressources are conceived in such a way that the educational outcome is similar to that at university levels by including course description and goals.

Upon completion of the CECM policies and resource, individual customers may take the WOW Certified E-Commerce Manager. Students who wish to take this examination should have a minimum of two years experience in the development and maintenance of e-commerce websites. We have found these to be a good place to start for those who want to know more about e-commerce in general.

WOW Certified E-Commerce Manager (CECM) exams measure key competences for prospective or practising Web masters. Candidates must prove that they have basic understanding of the principles of the Internet, basic safety principles, Web business strategies, Web site project management, Web marketing and distribution as well as basic understanding of e-commerce within the standards specified in this test specifications. Abilities and expertise assessed by this exam come from an industry-wide and global mission statement confirmed by a poll of hundred design professionals.

Results from the poll were used to weight domain names and ensure that the weight is indicative of the importance of this inventory to the workplace needs of a WOW Certified E-Commerce Manager. It is the intention to authenticate an individual in a knowledgebase that is the basis or basis for each e-commerce manager to identify and accept.

Within the framework of the profession level certifying procedure we can ask the candidate to make available a set of his work (specific e-commerce websites with which he works). This WOW CECM Exam Plan contains the weight, exam goals and example contents. Sample themes and sample approaches will be taken to illustrate the test themes and are not to be understood as a complete list of the contents of this exam.

In the following chart, the areas covered by this audit and the degree to which they are covered by the audit are listed. The subjects of the test include: Out of four (4) or more answer choices, the candidate chooses the option(s) that best completes the statement(s) or answer(s) of the testament. Distractors or incorrect replies are answer choices that candidates with imperfect wisdom or ability would likely opt for, but are generally reasonable replies that fit into the contents area.

The test specimen sizes used in this test are: Please review the instruction or query and choose from the answer option (s) only the option(s) that represent the most accurate or best answer(s). The contents may contain the following. The contents may contain the following: The contents may contain the following: The contents may contain the following:

The contents may contain the following: The contents may contain the following: The contents may contain the following: The contents may contain the following: The contents may contain the following: The contents may contain the following:

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