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To learn how to use the WP customizer and some options of the theme. Receive fresh WP updates directly to your inbox. About the WordPress Twenty Sixteen theme: Good, poor or nasty?

Twenty-sixteen has actually been in circulation for four month now. However, for most people, the first experience with WordPress 4 was publishing. I' ve been working on the subject, and here's what I think. Maybe you would like to reread my Twenty Fifteen reviews, as there are a number of resemblances between this topic and this new one.

As with the WordPress team's prior topics, Twenty Sixteen is built on the Underscores Starters theme. Takashi Irie sketched the theme. Christopher also created last year's theme Twenty-five, and his sequel is no million leagues away from this one. Sixteen Twenty Sixteen does not have a standard side bar, but the right side bar options.

Primary menus are horizontally displayed under the page titles or logos.

Since this is a menubar, you do not have the ability to create menus as you would with Twenty Fifteen. It is a set of hyperlinks to your profile that are displayed in the bottom right corner. They must be added as custom link in the menue.

There is a well-designed portable menus, with a clickable icon to display the underlying menus. Twenty Fifteen differs in colors and pictures. It is also possible to modify five of the colors yourself: There' s no way to store your own user-defined schema, so if you return to one of the provided schemas, your adjustments will be forfeited.

To add a head picture, place a 1200 x 280 px picture under the menubar. When you use a bigger picture than this one, it will be cut to match these sizes. When you need help bringing a picture to the right resize, see my previous article. While you might expect this to change the page's wallpaper, you would be disappointed: your wallpaper is only displayed where the margin is on the page.

One of the best types of images you can use here is a large or small symbol that you can tap. It uses the color schema Gelb, a large wallpaper and a title-picture. Do not use this design if you want user-defined layout, such as planning pages, unless you are ready to subordinate it, use a page Builder, or ask a programmer to do it for you.

It has two bottom line widgets, Bottom 1 and Bottom 2, each occupying 50% of the available area. The Twenty Sixteen shows the postal metal data in a columns on the leftside of the postal contents under the heading and picture presented if you have one. You will find prior and next link for each article.

Selected pictures for contributions are activated. The presented pictures have a standard format of 825 x 510 pixels. When you use a smaller, narrow picture, it is not the width of the contents columns - it will stop briefly, like here: The Quick Featured Imagery plug-in may be useful if you choose to use tagged imagery with this theme.

As with Twenty Fifteen, this theme is powerful in this area because the theme underscores was encoded with a view to accessability. This topic is completely available from the keypad, which I like. So if you want to see a full video, here's a demonstration of Twenty Sixteen. Reactive menus - I choose a "menu" symbol over a burgers symbol.

I' m not fond of topics that contain everything but the sinks and need a number of plug-ins to work well. Why the margin around the contents is so big, I don't know. It would have been my wish that the contents would be as broad as the navigational area. Think it'?s too thick, and we can't see through the wallpaper very well.

There is no way to attach a logotype. Sixteen twenty seems to be a logic development of fifteen twenty. You like Twenty Fifteen, you'll probably like this subject. As I can see, this topic is used primarily by blogs, those with an interest in accessible websites and those who want to quickly create a website.

So if you are looking for more functions and customizations in a topic, I would suggest that you look for another one, as this topic has been kept easy and clear. Are you going to use twenty sixteen? Why are you looking for a WordPress topic? Is WordPress Twenty Seventeen a rugged model in WordPress?

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