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The Page Builder plugin works with your existing website. What's better is Vissual Composer or Wp Beaver Builder. Upgrades for WP, or the topic, or VC itself, breaking things, JS becomes insecure. Probably one of the best drag-and-drop theme builders. The AIO WP Builder is a drag & drop page builder designed for content marketers who want to easily create professional sales pages.

This is how you use the WP Bakery Page Builder to build an anchor menu

These tutorials are specifically for the latest version of WP Bakery Page Builder (Visual Composer), but provide general methods for creating drop-down lists. If you click on any of the links, an Anker-MenĂ¼ scrolls the page. The only thing you need for an anchors list to work is a clear ID that will be allocated to each line or section of your page layouts.

Anker menus work best on one-page sites. You will find the Ankor ID box on the WP Bakery Page Builder's currently active WP Bakery Page Builder master tabs. Type a one-of-a-kind keyword in this box that serves as the Anker ID. It must be in lowercase without space and must not use general words such as menus, top, galleries, forms, etc. that are already used by page items.

Refer to How to set up navigation in WordPress for general menu creation and management procedures.

HP page generator

Themeum' WP Page Builder is here with the goal of offering an astonishing website creation on WordPress totally free of charge. Now you can create web sites in a few moments without having to write a line of coding. The WP Page Builder is a super-fast pull & dropping utility with free 30+ add-ons, 60+ pre-built pads, and layouts packages with world-class tech supports.

Could you refer a Friend to the WP Page Builder? Prefabricated blocs help you safe your website building work. For WordPress, the most versatile and simple to use page creator. Hopefully you'll like it so much when you begin with it. Premade pads help you get a page right.

  • Selim Rana has been using this for the past fortnight. The WP Page Builder is a free utility that allows you to create high value topics for your own website/customer website/and topics for each marketing place. MyShohel has been using this lotion for a whole month.

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