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Kircheninhalt - sermons, meetings and more Note that a compliant topic is needed to present contents from these church-centered mail items in a closely intergrated way. It is a plug-in for a very special target group. Unless you are one of the following, this plug-in will not be useful for you. Contents that the user might anticipate when changing topics should "live" in a plug-in to prevent topic locking.

Similarly, our policy is not to present contents with the plug-in, as topics provide more controls for this use. For this reason, a compliant design is necessary. Check out the plug-in details on churchthemes.com for a guided walk through the functions. For the presentation of speeches, meetings, etc. that are added with the plug-in, a compliant topic is needed.

See the Developer Guides on churchthemes.com for information on how to develop topics that use this plug-in. Hint: This plug-in was formerly called "Church Theme Content". For more information, please refer to our Plug-in Installation Instructions. Easily customizable and new topics keep it cool! Last year churchthemes.com released the new Saved theme, so we changed to Saved after our Exodus licence was up.

The change was extremely simple, and since the preacher plug-in is separated from the theme, nothing had to be done to them. It' s fun how fast the topics are "age", so I'm happy that Churchthemes.com keeps it new! Also, since the messages are only a user-defined mail style (and it needs to be repeated that the message plug-in is separated from the theme), we could even change to a non-church theme. com theme without loss of date.

So I hope that this won't be a problem for long, long, long, long and long periods of the year. A great plug-in - has everything you need for your church site and fits neatly into ChurchThemes.com topics (which is of course the most important point).

So the fact that this plug-in allows you to move your contents from one topic to another without loosing any of it makes so much sense. What's more, it's a great way to make your own music. Easily integrated and high-performance web site management makes it a great base for any church website. It is the best plug-in I have ever used and integrated into a church design.

Thanks Steven for your efforts with this plug-in, and I am ready to make a different contribution to this topic. "The Church Content - sermons, meetings and more" is open code music. Following persons have added to this plug-in.

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