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Manage classified ads from the front- or backend via the interfaces you are used to and expect. HP-classified Once an affiliate has successfully registered, it is easy to place advertisements, check and evaluate advertisements, and use other important functions. The WP Classified plug-in provides a fill-in sheet to display information about the advertisements with their description, pictures, item detail, prices, category, location, and expiration date on the website.

With the WP Classified plug-in the WP owner can self registrate and only registrated owners can place advertisements on the website after login. The WP Classified plug-in allows you to include scores and assessments on the advertisements. The WP Classified plug-in is very adaptable and adaptable. A number of hook and filter options are available, making the plug-in very adaptable from the developer's point of views.

A variety of choices are available to give the plug-in even more versatility. In addition there are a total of 2 documents for the plug-in. The first is for the user who is concerned with the basics of the applications and attitudes of the plug-in user manual, and the second is for the programmer who is concerned with the adaptation and flexibilty of plugins, along with the available hook and filter in the plug-in programmer manual.

"The WP Classified" is open code work. Following persons have added to this plug-in. updating the number of views in the UI feature. Adds an article without manipulating the users. Modified templates filename - "frontend-submission-aditem.php". Added support for classed form builders adds. Corrected WP bug with spreadcrumb on empty results page.

Add feature "classified_get_options". Smaller problems have been solved. Solved problem with adding advertisements. Corrected some warnings, up to and personal galleries. Solved dropdown problem on categories page. Modified access modifications in front end script. Corrected escape dates on some arrays. Corrected small problems with queries dependencies. Solved problem with variables in categories. Front end galleries up-load pop-up problem on a singular page resolved.

The plugin name has been modified to "WP Classified". Added'Add front end shape with Shortcode'CLASSIFIED_ADITEM_FORM'. Added username and password entry using Shortcode'CLASSIFIED_REGISTRATION_FORM'. Application with short code 'CLASSIFIED_LOGIN_FORM' added. Password forgotten added field with shortcode'CLASSIFIED_FORGET_PASSWORD'. Added page with short code 'CLASSIFIED_USER_PROFILE'. Added fontanwesome icons for group. Fixreadcrumb problems. Corrected some errors.

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