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Demo Builder

MotoPress demo and test creation for WOrdPress allows you to create test environments where users can try a fully functional demo of your design or plugin. With MotoPress' Demo Builder you can do just that! Plug-in settings: Gain full command of your demo by using the Demo Builder plug-in features: Define how much test space is required to test your WordPress product in the back end and simply define a demo life. Every new demo customer can use a demo website (sandbox) during this period.

Don't be concerned about permanently idle information on the servers, as all changes are purged once the user's profile expires. Every elapsed balance is cleared by the system automatic. As a standard, each verification e-mail contains information about a demo life, so all sand-box users know that their current bank will be disabled after some while.

This means that you should not get any complains about the lost demo files. Every demo member receives his own account (sandboxes), which are independent of the changes made by other members. Remains all back-end ties in place until the end of a test phase. Once a demo life is over, all your mailbox information is erased forever.

It is not necessary to allow a sandbox to gain full control over all the features and pages of a WordPress demo work. If you are a part of a remote system administration, you can limit your ability to view all the pages you need by administering sandbox role. So why don't you let demo account holders know more about your other offerings?

This plug-in allows you to create an optional responsive symbol bar directly in the demo dashboard to display the related product listing and your brand. It is particularly useful for presenting WordPress topics and plug-ins, so the users can quickly change product and view or test each one in advance.

It' built into the plug-in to help you gather your users' email address and keep them up to date with your latest messages, even when their account is no longer in use. This is a great way to turn an occasional enduser into a client. And you can group your prospective customers by interest to get better results.

It has a customizable toolset within the plug-in preferences to make it easy to maintain all demo account. Every one of your administrators has complete command over the demo you create: viewing, editing, and deleting. In addition, under Account, you can see and analyse which are the most frequently reviewed tools/features of your WordPress product.

The Demo Builder gives you full statistical information about demo creation and activation over a specific timeframe. Shown in a spreadsheet, the information also shows a number of demonstrations that have already been removed from the databank. Statistical information is a great source to help analyse how many people are actually interested in installing/buying your WordPress product over a specific timeframe.

Safe e-mail reconfirmation frees you from spamming and simplifies demo administration. New sandboxes will only be generated when you click on the verification links, so you only interact with actual persons. Many WordPress developer are pleased to decide for our plug-in.

Have a look at the actual web sites with the Demo Builder.

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