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Copy and paste between WP theme editor and external editor supported. <font color="#ffff00">Description Use this feature to render an editor in a page in the way it is typically used in posts and pages. Show an empty editor with standard settings: $content =''';

$editor_id ='mycustomeditor'; wp_editor( $content, $editor_id); fill an editor with the contents for a specific post: Send_id = 51; send_id = get_post( $post_id, OBJECT,'edit'); $content = $post->post_content; $editor_id ='editpost'; wp_editor( $content, $editor_id); We can also send an archive with one or more options if the standard options don't fit our needs.

If we wanted to fade out the insertion keys, for example, we would do the following: $settings = array('media_buttons' => false ); wp_editor( $content, $editor_id, $settings); We can also change the standard quick tags using a user-defined lists of keys, plus a user-defined lists of quick tags. You use the ID of the Quicktag in the dropdown box that you specify as the Quicktag preference.

wp_editor ( $content, $editor_id, $settings); Once instance, the WYSIWYG editor can no longer be manipulated in the Dominion. Use ' edit_page_form' (for pages) or' edit_form_advanced' (for other posts) instead: add_action('edit_page_form','my_second_editor'); // get and set $content somehow.... wp_editor( $content, 'mysecondeditor');

Windows editor

Text area with the WordPress editor like the one you use in the blogs post to manipulate pages. wp-editor', 'Value' 'Default value', 'attr' 'Class' 'Custom class', 'data-foo' 'bar' ), 'label' 'Label', '{domain}' ) ), 'desc' 'Description', '{domain}' ), Help''Help''Help tip','{domain}' ),'Size''small','editor_height','wpautop','editor_type', * By default you have no links to the editor.

Short forms'.

the wp editor - create a wp_editor instantiation with user-defined tinyMCE keys

"The following are the following: "'Quicktags','Editor class','Frontend item editor','Textarea rows','Media buttons', );,'Article content', ); elements' ; //$initArray['verify_html'] = wrong; ; 'tiny_mce_vor_init', 'fb_change_mce_options'); Modus''specific_texttareas''editor_selection''theeditor''width''100%''theme''advanced''skin''wp_theme''theme_advanced_buttons1''bold, italics, strikethrough,|,bullist,numlist,blockquote,|,justifyleft,justifycenter,justifyright,|,link,

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