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Smart WP Editor | WordPress Text Editor Plugin WordPress text editor is an easily usable and basic utility for everyone, whether editor or webmaster. Still, how does an improved copy of this text editor sounds with a customized feel for each and every one of its users? The WP Smart Editor provides you and your customers with an individual viewing environment with the ability to filter available utilities by roles or even by users.

In addition, the plugin has time-saving features such as List of tables, files, editor for user-defined styles and button, enumeration list and summaries and more! The WP Smart Editor provides a truly immersive user interface for every author. The WP Smart Editor comes with a powerfull suite of editor utilities that are useful and timesaving when working with your contents, including:

The management of PDF or even PDF file and even Zero Point Format (ZIP) file formats with the standard WordPress Mediamanager offers only restricted functionality. The WP Smart Editor contains a lightweight copy of the WP File Download plugin that lets you easily download, save, upload, organize and upgrade your WP file collection. Creating tables in WordPress Editor requires HTML/CSS skills and it is almost impossible to maintain a spreadsheet for WordPress Editor contents.

The WP Smart Editor contains a lightweight copy of the WP Table Manager plugin that lets you build, organize, and modify spreadsheets from within your editor, just as you would with Excel. The WP Smart Editor has a special utility for creating user-defined style sheets and making them available to end-customers.

If you are a web designer, design your own personal WordPress customization, name it and let the editor use it when he needs it. You can use the templates builder to store your layout, the entire contents and the HTML text you have entered in your editor and load it later, e.g. on another page.

The WordPress standard contains a text/HTML editor in its editor. Fetch the plugin now, it's completely free!

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