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Stylish themes provide quite extensive documentation on their themes in general. Flowering themes vs. Elegant themes vs. MyThemeShop: Compare WordPress memberships

The most WordPress website owner are inventors. Do you always try out a new plug-in or do you adapt your design? If you are starting to buy single plug-ins and designs, then it is simple to break your money. This is where the WordPress member programs come in. When you sign up for a member program, you have privileged entry to a variety of themes and plug-ins from the same provider.

In addition, affiliate programs are often cheaper than purchasing single themes and plug-ins. So what's the best subscription schedule? In this article, we've checked out three WordPress supershare programs to spare you the hassle of running. Thrive Themes Member Schema gives you easy entry to all WordPress themes and plug-ins that focus on converting.

Your 'All-In-One Online Business Toolbox' contains 10 themes and 7 plugins: Notice: Thrive Content Builder & Landing Pages have been superseded by a new and enhanced plug-in named Thrive Architect. The Thrive WordPress dashboard allows you to administer all your website's product installations. Thrive' consists of two parts:

Installing a Thrive installation will create or update the Thrive dashboard for you. You can see four plugs and a design here: At the top right hand side of every item is a mini-drop-down list with hyperlinks to item tuorials and help areas in the Trive Membership Area.

In the second part of the Dashboard, you'll find setting fields for functions shared by all Trive product lines. Trive dashboard is an great way to manage your Trive product in WordPress. As soon as you login to the section entitled Live Membership, you will see the navigation menu on the right side of the page.

If you are like me, you will want to immerse yourself in the stuff. In the plugin area there are download, tutorial and forums buttons: You can also visit the demo page in the topic area: This demo page is a useful point of contact when trying a new design on your website.

It is the only place where you can either downloaded and installed any of the products, or use the navigation menu to get to the tutorials and forum. Three opened the door to her university in December 2016. It is open to the general audience, but some of the contents are limited to Thrive members.

This course for the creation of contact forms and a mini CRM system with Thrive software, for example, is for members only: University is an outstanding learning resource that collects the best teaching materials from the Thrive Themes group. Contains tutorials and guidelines to help you compose better contents, build target pages, enhance your page convertations, expand your mailinglist, and much more.

An innovation in the thrive membership scheme is the pure contents for members. However, Trive Themes has also begun to add more members who only offer outside content: It' a great way to make members of the Thrive community feeling even more specific. This Knowledge Base contains product guides, documentations and debugging hints for all Trive product lines.

Search for certain products: On the one side, for example, you have some WordPress basics, and on the other side, you have detailled developers articles: Overall, the Knowledge Base has the right blend of productspecific TRIEFE article, combined with some WordPress basics and development resource. There is not much reluctance towards the Thrive Membership Scheme.

I' m mainly critical of the forum area. Our Thrive Themes sponsorship is outstanding. Announce problems and inquiries through the on-line forum and receive e-mail alerts when the issue is up-dated. There are five areas to the Supportforum: As an example, someone has raised a issue with the Pressive topic in the General Discussion section:

However, if I wanted to look for previously notified problems and responses to the Pressive topic, I would look in the topic area, not the General area. However, some more intelligent supporting softwares could help customers identify problems in the right categories and prevent the Thrive Technical Staff from responding to double-checks.

The Thrive Themes has two member levels: Your subscription covers all our latest and upcoming product releases as well as improvements and upgrades and on-going technical assistance. Elegant Themes subscription gives you easy entry to 87 stunning themes and 3 fantastic plug-ins, plus the beloved Divi Themes and Video Page Builder plug-ins. Affiliate Program allows you to use the themes and plug-ins on any number of Web pages, even customer pages.

Elegant Themes member area has a basic design. The homepage focuses on accessing the most important products: Each of these five items can be downloaded using the respective button: Our Downloads page is the next station where you can find all our stuff. Like the way Elegant Themes have created their site.

This is followed by the topic downloads: Every plug-in and every redesign has four options: PSDs are also included in the Topic File down load. It is a great advantage for webmasters who want to personalize designs for their customers because they can manipulate the initial Photoshop designs in Adobe Photoshop: Elegant Themes has made it simple for you to simply upload each and every item and get the information you need.

Elegant Themes has an awesome download area and a great support forum. As we have seen in the downloads, Elegant Themes has fast track to the most favorite themes and plugs on the home page: There are two things you should do before opening a support ticket:

In case you don't find your response in the doc or board, you can open a new one. After you have successfully completed these invitations and exams, you can hand in a complimentary tickets. In spite of all suggestions and tips, the user is not forced to classify queries properly. There are four major types of Supportforum:

If Elegant Themes encourages you to browse the forums for previously replied question, would you look in General Help or Topic Help for a Divi Topic question? Stylish themes attach great importance to the development of their Divi themed. It' s easy to understand that they want to concentrate on their flag-ship topic, but it means that some of their older topics are not as often refreshed.

So, while the offering of how many topics you get good coverage of may sound good, most look very old. This means the Divi and Extra Themes are full of great stuff and you can do a whole bunch with them. The Elegant Themes range has two subscription stages to select from: subscription covers full coverage of present and upcoming product offerings, as well as improvements and upgrades and ongoing tech-consultation.

There are two programs in ThemeShop. You are offering a free member club with 16 themes and 11 WordPress plug-ins. To gain full eligibility for all your Extended Member programs, you must join the Extended Member Scheme. Currently there are 93 free WordPress topics plus 16 free topics that give you instant entry to a grand total of 109 WordPress topics.

In addition, there are a grand total of 16 free WordPress plug-ins plus 11 free plug-ins that give you instant acces to a grandotal of 27 WordPress plug-ins. After logging in to the member area, you will receive a listing of all available items, ranging from our top themes to our free plugins:

Let us take a look at the new Social Now topic as an example: At the top of the screen are some general installation steps for a topic in WordPress. There is even a shortcut to a general movie with a tutorial on installing themes. Demos - Provides hyperlinks to a YouTube movie that explains how to use MyThemeShop demos in your WordPress design.

It is sometimes a good suggestion to see the topic's demos before you begin the customization. Read more - Link to the topic's general page on the website, where you can also see the demonstration as a souvenir. When you want to adjust a look or see what the look looks like without all the coding, you can open the Photoshop look in Adobe Photoshop.

Annotated screenscasts found in the members area or on YouTube are all well presented with a clear vote and a clear display resolution. In the members area there is a video library covering a wide range of themes. Premium and free tutorials are available: Free video tutorials discuss the fundamentals of WordPress like "How to install a WordPress themme.

No changelog is provided by MeinThemeShop for its own use. When you have a issue with a topic or plug-in, a changelog can often help pinpoint a recent modification as the cause. Our Extended membership plans include an introductory subscription followed by payment on a per month basis: Included in the subscription is full and complete coverage of all our latest and upcoming product releases, improvements and upgrades, and on-going tech Support.

Free Member Club is great for start-ups and provides free topics and plug-ins. Whatever your investment in the affiliate program, you will receive three guarantees: However, which is the best program of affiliation? By far the most affordable is Elegant Themes. With $89 per year for 87 themes and 3 plug-ins, it is an extraordinary value, the average being $1/product.

MyThemeShop and Thrive Custom are almost identically priced. With Thrive, however, you are restricted to using the product on your own website, while MyThemeShop has an unrestricted licence. The upgrade to Thrive Agency to use the product on customer pages is a significant increase in charges. The next step is to check the number of items on sale.

Stylish themes take second place with 90 items in their assortment. Thrive Themes is in last place with a low overall number of 17 items. Need a hundred themes or are ten themes enough? In conclusion, we benchmark the added value of each member scheme. We' ve been spending some quality order searching in each of the member areas, and no uncertainty Thrive has more to offer its members.

Every member program has great multi-tutorial reviews and great technical assistance. Thrive Themes goes one better with its workout materials. They take actual on-line sceneries and create trainings to resolve these issues with their own software solutions. They have also created their Thrive Dashboard to keep all their items in one convenient place in your WordPress Admin Panels.

These WordPress memberships have no winner or loser. Select the schema (s) that best suits your needs. Thrive Themes is our choice for us. You don't have the greatest number of topics. However, their plug-ins are outstanding, and they will be even more later this year.

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